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photo by NT

Getting a life outside prison is even more challenging for released prisoners. It’s almost impossible for them to get hired by companies with their criminal records. Their will to start over is always coupled with a mark that may separate them from the community.

So what happens to them after getting out of prison?

While some are tempted to repeat their offenses out of helplessness in making ends meet, some are fortunate to find a decent job offered by generous people who believe in second chances.

In Fukuoka, a company called “Human Harbor” hires ex-prisoners to work in its recycling plant. The work of the ex-convicts is to recycle scraps harbored  from industrial company and sell them to other companies. They then receive wage enough to pay for their accommodation, food and clothing.

“Human Harbor” was established by Isao Soejima, a real estate company owner, with the help of 30 investors who shared the company starting capital of USD 400, 000. The goal of the company is to fully help the criminals turn back from their crimes and have normal life. Although there are shareholders, technically they don’t get dividends. Their real profit is in lessening the crimes in Japan.

It’s indeed a great help not only for the ex-prisoners but for the whole society as well. Empowering the ex-criminals is one great way to fight crimes.

Are there companies in your country similar to “Human Harbor”? As for my country, I still need to find out. Hope you can share yours too πŸ™‚