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The Girl with the Muji Hat at Puyao River in San Nicolas, Pangasinan

If you want a reliable source of travel reviews (accommodation, food, package tours, related products & services) or if you are looking for destination guides (especially around the Philippines) or stories to inspire your next travel, you’re in the right place!

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This blog is in no way affiliated to the Japanese retail company MUJI 無印良品, but the author owns several Muji stuff including her favorite HAT.

Merry hopping at Apo Reef Natural Park

THE GIRL WITH THE MUJI HAT started a few years back. It’s intended to be a college girl’s online journal but it has morphed into all different kinds of things. The blog pages cover a variety of topics in so far as the author loves to document anything that interests her—food, cooking, art and music, business, fashion, photography, nature and gardening, CCM, sports, beauty, community building, education, health, AND most of all, TRAVELS. Read about my inspiring travel adventures below.


Currently, the blog is an established outlet for sharing travel tips, hotel & food reviews, destination & visa application guides, with bits of inspiration in between. It aims to inspire online readers to explore the Philippines as well as new places, learn, interact with people, create a connection among cultures, and enjoy nature while observing responsible tourism.

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Taken at Mt. Balungao in Pangasinan

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