2022 Note: This blog post was originally published in 2013, but since it is one of the most-viewed posts, I update it every time to include the latest research, up-to-date information, and most helpful tips on this topic. 

Please check the comments section especially THE FEATURED COMMENT on the Disqus thread. As of today, the travel ban is still lifted. DOST/CHED/SUC scholars are removed from the BI watchlist.

Just got back from my Taiwan trip last week. As usual, I didn’t secure travel clearance from DOST before leaving yet didn’t encounter any problem with immigration at the airport. 


This just proves, DOST scholars like me can travel outside the Philippines without having to apply for clearance. 

If you are a DOST scholar and you want to travel abroad, you may travel without applying for any document/ clearance to get through the BI officers. Unless you have other lawful cases, nothing can prevent you from traveling abroad! 




You can verify if there is a derogatory record against you that may prevent you from departing the Philippines. I also did this a week before my flight schedule.

      • 1) Visit the Immigration office near Intramuros, Manila and file a request for verification at the Clearance and Certification Section.

        2) Fill out the small form, and present it along with your passport at Window 10. You don’t need to pay anything but if you wish to obtain a certification, you’d have to pay respective fees. 



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The distressing and controversial travel restrictions imposed upon DOST scholars were lifted Tuesday, June 14, 2012,  in a memo released by the Bureau of Immigration Commissioner, Ricardo A. David Jr.

Please refer to the screenshot below for the signed copy of the Memorandum.


Memorandum lifting DOST/CHED/SUC scholars watchlist

The memorandum is addressed to the Chief of Information and Communications Technology Chief, Jolly Bert G. Galleon, and Airport Operations Division Chief, Benito G. Se, Jr., stating the removal of the names of DOST scholars from the watch list. Thus, starting from June 19, 2012, DOST Scholars will no longer be required to secure TRAVEL CLEARANCE from DOST nor any document from the Bureau of Immigration to travel out of the country unless the concerned scholar is prevented to travel by some other lawful case.

Indeed this is great news for scholars who wish to travel abroad!

By the way, for those who haven’t applied for their passports yet, you might want to apply now. 

Don’t worry, you just need your PSA Birth Certificate and two valid IDs. 

Please don’t use your NBI clearance with travel restrictions as I’m not so sure if you’d be required to present DOST-related documents because of the travel restriction hit.

Let’s keep updating one another down the comment section below! Thanks!