Hello to all beauty aficionados and skincare enthusiasts!

Yesterday, under the soft glow of ambient lights and the lush opulence of Rustan’s in Cebu City, I was privy to an event that can best be described as enlightening. An intimate beauty workshop, brought by Elizabeth Arden Philippines and Lux Asia Philippines where secrets of iconic beauty secrets were unveiled.

Walking into the venue, I was enveloped by a warm ambiance that promised an afternoon of deep skincare insights. We were treated to a detailed walkthrough of the magic that is the White Tea Skin Solutions and Ceramide skincare line. Each product, I learned, isn’t just a mix of ingredients but a marriage of science and nature.

Guided by Science. Nurtured by Nature.

This became the mantra of the workshop as the consultants eloquently touched upon the philosophy behind the NEW White Tea Skin Solutions. A 5-step regimen that prides itself on clean ingredients, including the powerful EGCG, designed to gift users with skin that isn’t just healthy but effervescently glowing.

The products, each a gem in its own right, include:

White Tea Skin Solutions Gentle Purifying Cleanser: For a refreshing and thorough cleanse.

White Tea Skin Solutions Moisture Infusing Bi-Phase Toning Lotion: The perfect balance of prepping and moisturizing.

White Tea Skin Solutions Fortifying Bi-Phase Oil Serum: For a firm, even-toned skin.

White Tea Skin Solutions Replenishing Micro-Gel Cream: Deep hydration and skin conditioning.

White Tea Skin Solutions Brightening Eye Gel: For that perfect under-eye brilliance.

The workshop was a treasure trove of information. From understanding the nuances of our skin to the tips and tricks for maintaining its youthful vigor, it was a journey of rediscovery.

Furthermore, the consultant elegantly revisited Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide range—a collection I had the privilege of delving into at their Beauty Soiree back in May. Here’s a refresher on the lineup that AGAIN seamlessly marries science with luxury:

Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser: Immerse in its richness as it banishes impurities, revealing a complexion that’s both supple and immaculately clean.

Ceramide Purifying Toner: Transition from a day’s wear to a refreshed visage, effectively ridding traces of makeup and grime.

Advanced Ceramide Capsules: Each capsule bursts open with a promise of rejuvenated youth.

Visible Brightening Spot Correcting Night Capsules: Entrust your skin to these nighttime wonders, and awaken to a luminous, even-toned glow.

Hyaluronic Acid Capsules: Quench your skin’s thirst with this deep hydrating elixir.

Ceramide-infused Retinol: A bottled promise of age-defying radiance.

Power-packed Vitamin C: Illuminate your day with a zestful glow, reminiscent of the morning sun.

Truly, Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide range isn’t just skincare—it’s an experience.

But beyond products, this evening reminded me of an essential life lesson: loving oneself is not just a whimsical desire; it’s a genuine need. It’s about giving our skin, our body, and our soul the care and attention they crave.

I extend my deepest gratitude to Elizabeth Arden Philippines and Lux Asia Philippines for this enlightening experience. It was a day of realization, of understanding my skin better, and of promising it the very best.

To all my readers, if you find yourself in Cebu City, do grace Rustan’s with your presence and let Elizabeth Arden sweep you off your feet. After all, self-care isn’t just about pampering; it’s about promising oneself the best.

Until next time, keep glowing and always remember to love yourself a tad bit more every day!

With love and luminosity,

Erica Jahn