October 12th, 2023 was not just another day. For food enthusiasts, it marked an era, a celebration, and a feast to remember. Banh Mi Kitchen, our beloved sandwich stop, opened its 100th branch at SM Seaside in Cebu City. The vibrant energy of Cebu and the anticipation of a grand celebration made the day feel exceptionally festive.

Even from afar, the excitement was undeniable. Inside, it was a sea of bloggers, influencers, and Banh Mi aficionados. If you ever doubted the power of a good sandwich to draw a crowd, you should have been there!

Mr. Mon Santos, the soul behind Banh Mi Kitchen, kicked off the program. It was inspiring to listen to the founder reflect on the journey—from the first sandwich sold to this grand 100th store. With his earnest words, you could tell that Banh Mi was not just a business; it was a labor of love.

The real treat (literally!) came next. Banh Mi Kitchen introduced two new ca phe drinks – the Egg Coffee and Coconut Slush. A nod to their Vietnamese roots, these drinks seemed intriguing. I was able to get my hands on them at this event!

Then, the owners—the Liwags and the Kwans—shared their pieces. Their genuine happiness about reaching this milestone was contagious. It was heartwarming to see the tight-knit team behind Banh Mi’s success share their joy and excitement.

And what’s a celebration without some indulgence? We got to savor the famous #oddlydelicious banh mis and the freshly baked Kani. Oh, and a little sneak taste of the new egg coffee and coconut slush – delightful!

But it wasn’t all just about food and talks.

They had organized some fun interactive games. In a surprising turn of events, I, along with Erik and a few others, won the Banh mi Eco-friendly upcycled bags. Made in collaboration with SIDE B, these bags, created from used tarps, are not only durable and waterproof but also a statement of sustainability. Who knew you could turn old tarps into such trendy bags?

Wrapping up the event, Mr. Gabrial Sobrepeña, the Vice President of Banh Mi Kitchen, shared some closing thoughts. His genuine gratitude to all those who’ve been part of the Banh Mi journey was evident.

Walking out of SM Seaside, biting into that delicious sandwich, I couldn’t help but reflect. From a simple store to a nationwide sensation, Banh Mi Kitchen has given us countless memorable meals. Congratulations Banh Mi Kitchen! Here’s to the unassuming sandwich that grew into a culinary legend and found a place in our hearts. Cheers to many more milestones!