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How do you choose a dress? Do you consider the material its made of? The style? The cost? The color? That’s all good. But remember to also consider how it would look like in your body shape. That means you have to know the type of your body shape and what works for it.

There are different types of body shapes. Mine for example, my body shape is called rectangle. It is similar to an hourglass but with a less defined waist. My friend likes to refer to my body as the athletic type. 

You have a rectangle-shaped body if your waist is not defined, if your hips tend to have a similar width as your shoulders and if you have small to average bust size.

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Compared to an hourglass figure, other body shapes need to be smart on choosing clothes that would hit the body angles in all the right places. For example, highlight the areas that are lacking (in my case waist) or not overly emphasize the areas that are already wide or too big. 

In another post, I discussed how to choose swimwear to flatter slender, rectangle-shaped bodies. I also included poses that would highlight the body curves making it look balanced from top to bottom (kinda like an hourglass figure).

So, back to dresses… 

With my body shape, I look out for dresses that define my waist and that have very feminine details. 

Let me discuss more in each of my picks from dresses below:

New cotton embroidered flower short sleeve dress

This above-the-knee dress is perfect as it has a high waist and it is already well-structured.

Off-the-shoulder dress lace stitching dress

Last year, I went crazy on off-the-shoulder tops. So when I saw this off-the-shoulder dress, I immediately got hooked. Everything about this dress would flatter my figure. The waist is kinda just below the boob. The material is cotton — I always found cotton dresses to make my butt look bigger LOL I also love the lace details. Very elegant! 

Lace panel sexy cutout split camisole dress

If you notice, the waistline in this camisole dress is also a bit under the boob. Like the other two dresses (and the last one), that is my main lookout. The fabric is cotton so very appropriate for summer. I imagine myself back in Bali in this dress.

Summer lace stitching mini dress

This final dress is visually gorgeous to me. Love the lace cutout so much! Because I am not tall, I sometimes opt for mini dresses but I keep in mind the cut that would add some shape. Aside from this mini dress, peplums also work for my body type.

To understand other body shapes, this is the best blog I can recommend you check:

A Beautiful Body Shape

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Parting Words

When I got to understand my body shape, I finally found a way to truly see what flatters my figure. I stopped feeling frustrated about dresses or clothes that don’t seem to fit me. I hope you do too. More importantly, I want to say, you should’t feel bad about your body shape, and you should never hate your own body — love your body type and understand what works for it. You’d be surprised how much you’d come to appreciate your body more!

Do you know your body type? What dresses work best for your body type? Let me know in the comments below! I’d also be happy to know what you think about the dresses from in this post as summer OOTDs! Thanks for dropping by!

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