How I got clearer skin after a severe adult acne breakout


The last time I had severe breakout was in 2017 when my grandmother got very ill. It became worse after she passed away. Not saying she was the cause of my periodic unwanted adult acne, but the situation I was in made everything (about my health) worse. That is to say, stress aggravates everything including acne.

Aside from stress, I figured other things that triggered my breakouts. It took me two years to finally understood my breakout. And upfront, I wanna tell you it is true what they say on YouTube about what causes pimples, so you gotta pay attention and tick the boxes to make sure you’re not letting any of them plague you.

In this post, I will share what those factors are and how I dealt with them. I will try to be quick and straight to the point as possible. And let me begin by saying, my skin was salvaged by getting/ applying/ doing these things:

  • Microneedling
  • Chemical Peel
  • Lots of sunscreen
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Ice in the morning
  • Exercise and shower after exercising 
  • Hydration
  • Clean hair
  • Clean pillow cases
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Less sugar
  • Adequate sleep

These photos give me mixed emotions. Unfiltered photos of my face before Microneedling… and now… 
Photo opp with former Senator Freddie Webb. Happy that my skin is clearer! Not embarrassed anymore to have photographs taken!

Now that I work in the media relations field, I really gotta have clear skin. So here’s how I broke free from my acne breakout and how I keep my skin clear:

1. Microneedling 

Before I lose you as early as the microneedling part, I just wanna say that this is the quickest way to mitigate the breakout and get renewed skin in just 1-2 weeks. A course of three treatments, a month apart, is recommended for long-term results. But as you can imagine, it may cost you a little bit more.

Still, I believe getting an effective treatment to enhance your personal appearance (ie for the face, the hair, teeth and what not) is a great investment. I remember I’ve had a few facials over the years. The gold facial by Pyoor is also a good one but best if you have no acne. Other facials especially when I had a breakout were just wasted hour-long rituals involving a deep cleanse and expensive creams, nothing much was done to heal/ remove my acne. So, luckily, microneedling or the bloody facial they so-called worked for me.

Results are seen after 1-2 weeks but yeah this was my skin condition from Day 0 to Day 2. My skin was like Day 2 for the rest of the first week though 

If you’ve made your research about microneedling and looking for reputable clinics to do the treatment for you, I highly recommend Marlou Colina (as well as his skincare products MC Aesthetics).

What I really loved about my skincare schedule with MC (Marlou Colina) and Ms. Leah is that it was absolutely pampering—the clinic, the treatment, the application, and even the consultation. Talking to MC and Ms. Leah, who are both active Christians, is refreshing to the mind and soul. I had an opportunity to ask countless questions, not only about skin but life lol (to me this is very important when I’m consulting to a clinician). And yeah I think this is what sets them apart from other aesthetic clinics out there.

Check out my YT video about my microneedling experience with him here.

Just know that he is currently in the US, you’d really need to schedule an appointment and check when his next visit to Manila will be. Follow him on Instagram. You may schedule an appointment through their mobile no.: +63 916 524 0464 Or through Facebook. You may also reach them through their email: More beauty, spiritual, and business tips on their YouTube Channel. Do subscribe if you’re interested in watching related videos.

If you have immediate concerns about your skin or treatments they offer or if you want to talk about self-esteem or need some motivation especially during this enhanced community quarantine, MC is available for a telederm consultation starting May 1st, 10am and 1pm Manila Time, Mondays to Fridays. This is free of charge. Just reach out to their Instagram and Facebook accounts I posted above.

2. Chemical Peel

This is also included in the microneedling package that I availed from Marlou Colina. And also what I continued to do for my skin with the skincare set I got from them. It’s probably a familiar set for you if you’ve used clarifying solution and renew cream from some popular brands in the market.

What I use is the set below:

View this post on Instagram

Last Saturday, I had the chance to experience @marloucolina_aesthetics’ multifaceted care beauty approach through the founder himself, @marloucolina, a Filipino-American Hollywood Celebrity Hair and Make-up Artist and a Licensed Aesthetic Specialist 🙂 On my YT video, you can see three procedures that he did to immediately clear my cystic acne: . . 1) MICRONEEDLING 2) CHEMICAL PEEL 3) MICROBLADING (well, this is not really for my pimples :)) . . I finished uploading the video on my second day of peeling, so definitely, I am going to update you about the results/ day to day progress here, on my FB, and on my blog – . . I have also included the aftercare, again, expect to know more about each product on my Blog 🙂 (I AM ALSO REVIEWING THE LIGHTENING SERUM BY MC AESTHETICS – A TREATMENT FOR MELASMA) . . Just a quick insight: I am extremely happy about the micro-needling treatment – because my pimples have all literally dried out. . . BUT THIS IS NOT SAY that the other products I have tried before are ineffective, they are not (in fact, as you can see on my FB and Ig posts – they reduced my acne problems) I just think that the main difference is the time it takes for the products to heal/ clear everything. With the MICRO-NEEDLING I just experienced with MC AESTHETICS, the result was instant (in terms of drying the pimples). The procedure kind of bulldozed its way through my bumpy, swollen, cystic acne and left them all dry!!! It’s the first time that I’ve seen my “hilly” pimples flatten 😀 Now, I am just waiting for the peeling process to finish (that is within 6 days) to see my renewed facial skin 🙂 If you want an insanely quick way to clear your cystic acne and have a glowing, renewed facial skin, you have to try MICRO-NEEDLING + CHEMICAL PEEL by MC AESTHETICS. . . 1) It is 100% effective with IMMEDIATE RESULTS 2) It is very SAFE 3) It addresses wrinkles, acne, scarring, and stretch marks 4) It includes the best aftercare products to maintain your skin looking youthful, with a firm, fresh, brighter and smooth condition. . . DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY! . . #mcaesthetics #marloucolina #microneedling

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“Your skin is glowing” is usually the comment I get from people who notice changes in my facial skin. But truly, that is what I personally observed. It’s like the face gets stretched and it’s smoother and also clearer. But not greasy. If you know what I mean.

I have a combination skin so I think it’ll take me more days to reach that “baby skin”-type-of-face but really I am happy with where I am at right now and I am excited to see what’s ahead!

BTW, when you purchase the skincare set, there is an instruction included so you won’t get lost in figuring out how to use it. Also, MC or Ms. Leah stays in touch to make sure you have everything under control. Basically, it’s like applying facial wash, then toner, then moisturizer and then sunscreen in day time. So yeah, it is simple.

3. Lots of Sunscreen

This is a fundamental that I never got to follow at the onset: put sunscreen before braving the sunny outdoors daily. If you’re like me and you don’t put sunscreen too, and you’re having a breakout, I am pretty sure the harsh sun rays are causing it so you have to use sunscreen. Again, MC Aesthetics sunscreen is what I use. It’s pink and smells calming and well, smells fragrant!

Other sunscreens I have used for my skin that I find effective too:

Beauche Age eraser Cream, Kojie San Dream White, Vain Stain Oh hi, Sun!

4. Tea Tree Oil

I just discovered this from a blog event where a fellow blogger told me she’d let me use Doterra Tea tree oil and asked me to dab some of it to my angry zits and see how it dries out. I thought OKAY I’D TRY IT OUT ANYWAYS IT’S FREE. But hey!!! It worked! And it still works! So now whenever I have pimples I wanna dry the next day, I dab on tea tree oil. 

I use these two essential oil brands by the way since they are available in our building:

Legande and Aroma Vera: Php275

5. Ice in the morning

This not only helps lift dead skin cells from the peeling process I do to my face but also minimizes my pores, and invigorates my senses particularly in the morning. Well, I haven’t tried to use it in any part of the day though. But yeah, it helps.

I remember in high school, whenever there is an event we’d need long-lasting makeup on, the makeup artist would ask us to rub ice on the face. This tightens the pores. Fast forward to now, I do this daily and by doing so, I notice I am not as oily as before. Especially when the temperature is at least 32 degrees in my room! If you haven’t tried rubbing ice on the face, you gotta try this as soon as possible.

6. Exercise and shower after exercising

We all know exercise benefits the skin (and our entire system) by maintaining cortisol production and stimulating collagen production. But you can have a breakout if you do these:

1. If you not tie ALL of your hair back so your constantly bringing your hands to your face and then unconsciously touching parts of your face with pimples — !!! This happened to me and my Muay Thai coach was very stressed out about my forehead LOL

2. If you hang out with your girlfriends right after the gym for a quick post-workout snack WITHOUT cleaning up or SHOWERING — this is bad. Please don’t do this.

Bottom line is, stay clean. Do not touch your face.

7. Hydration

This is essential not only for skin but for our entire body. If your pee is too yellow, you are dehydrated. If you experience headaches often, chances are you need more hydration. To keep yourself healthy, and that includes your skin, STAY HYDRATED!

8. Clean Hair

When you don’t wash your hair properly, the hair produces more sebum that could make your face oilier and yeah can cause you a break out. Also, when you don’t wash your hair at night and your face gets covered by your dirty hair, then you’d get a breakout. Here is an interesting read about hair and breakouts.  Before I forget, I wanna mention that in days I feel my hair is really oily but I know it is already clean (for example I’m just inside the office or an air-conditioned room), what I do is I put baby powder on my scalp. 

9. Clean Pillowcases

You lay your face on your pillowcase every night so if it has harmful bacteria, those germs would be on your face as well. Now, just because the pillowcase looks clean means it is “really” clean. Afterall, germs are invisible. Dr. Lisa Ackerley, a home hygiene expert says, “Just because it looks and smells clean, it doesn’t mean it’s hygienically clean.” So you have to make sure that it is washed and dried properly. You have to change your pillowcases at least once a week.

10. Clean makeup brushes

The idea about pillowcases and makeup brushes is the same. Basically, whatever comes in contact with our face should be clean. Clean your brushes and sponges at least once a week.

11. Less sugar

Excessive sugar is bad. Well anything excessive. And by sugar I mean not only sweets but carbs in general. If you eat excessive sugar, obviously you’d have diabetes, and yeah for the breakout, what happens is that the body produces more androgen hormones that in turn produces more oil. The oilier your face becomes, the higher the chance for an acne breakout. So, as much as possible eat less sugary food.

12. Adequate sleep

Lack of sleep is bad for your health in general. As for the skin, it’s the same as how stress affects the  skin by production of cortisol. There are tons of articles out there that explain/ discuss how lack of sleep play in acne breakout. I can’t tell you more about it but I guess, I just want to encourage you to get adequate sleep. if you have a hard time doing it, try to put away any gadget an hour before your bedtime and sleep in a dark room. Avoid drinking coffee too after 2PM. It works for me to get a sound sleep. Other things I do: stretch before bed time, drink warm water, use Favori scents. I use the lavender sleep & relaxation salve and massage oil when I wanna have better sleep. It’s very calming. It works well. 

FAVORI Lavender massage oil and sleep & relaxation salve

Parting Words

To achieve clearer, healthier skin, it is not enough to change the product you use on your face. Acne problems are not even guaranteed solved by buying the most expensive brand out there. It requires a change of lifestyle. So if you want to break free from adult acne breakout, hope you consider the points I mentioned in this post. And do let me know how it goes! 

Do you have acne problems? How do you deal with them? Are there other ways to solve acne problems that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know in the comments section below! And if you find this post helpful, do share!

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