Applying Permanent Residency in Singapore has now been made available online. This means you can submit documents through Singapore’s e-portal of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. But despite the convenience of the filing, the process of getting your application approved is stricter and meticulous. In that sense, it is highly recommended that you get an immigration firm to help you with your profile submission. 

Singapore, like New Zealand, Finland or Switzerland, has been a dream country for many. It ranks no. 16 among the best countries in the world to live in in terms of quality of life—how it was measured included indicators like economic and political stability, good job market, affordability, safety, family friendliness, well-developed public education and healthcare system, and income equality. (source: US News)

This city-state also has overtaken the U.S. in terms of global competitiveness as reported by the World Economic Forum. It is the most developed country in Southeast Asia.

Being a permanent resident in Singapore

Surely, with Singapore’s global repute, its people—the citizens, expats, and visitors—all benefit from its good economy and strong governance.

But unlike tourists or overseas workers based in Singapore, a permanent resident has benefits that are similar to a citizen. For example, a permanent resident will no longer have any restrictions when it comes to employment. That means as a permanent resident, you can work for whoever you want and change jobs whenever you want. You will also have fewer restrictions when it comes to buying properties or opening your own business or even living wherever you want in the country. You would also have access to free public education, social assistance and welfare benefits, that are nearly on par with a citizen.

This is why there are a lot of people who consider getting their permanent residency in this prosperous city state.

But even though their government opens its doors to a lot of migrants year after year, many still get rejected when they apply for PR.

How do you get approved then? 

The recommended way is to find a trustworthy expert like those at Paul Immigrations.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: 5 Ways How They Can Help Get Your Singapore PR Application Approved

1. Provide tips, insights, and solutions concerning your PR application

No matter how meticulous, tedious, and complicated the Singapore PR application process can seem, this company has a team of specialists that can offer their expertise to lead you to your goal of getting your candidacy approved—from financial inputs, visa regulation, PR policy knowledge to PR eligibility. If you need professional case management, their specialists can provide a strategic approach no matter how complex your issues are. This also means if you have any questions or concerns about anything related to your profile or to their country’s PR system, their team of experts will attend to your queries.

2. Help with all the documentation work 

As I’ve mentioned, all applications are submitted through the online portal of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). If you miss any document, even just half a page of a document, your submission will be invalid. Their team of documentation experts can organize all the necessary documents and make sure nothing is left out from your submission —from preparation, examination, and the handling of forms to ensure that they are in order and in accordance with ICA’s standards before submission—even additional essential documents such as a letter of recommendation by your employer or others that can increase the chance of getting your PR application approved.

3. Compose personalized cover letters

Like additional essential documents, cover letters also help increase your chance of approval. From a lot of applicants, this can show more of your strengths (that could have been shown in a physical interview). It is a great way to reach out and put forth a strong case to the approving officers. It immediately sets you apart from a sea of applicants, thus gives you a more favorable impression. Their team of professional writers can do a customized, representative, well-thought cover letter for you.

4. Offer step-by-step guidance throughout your entire PR application

One of the challenges of submitting any kind of application is the tedious ordeal you can experience during the process. This either throws you out of focus and makes you miss details or just plainly makes you quit. In my opinion, this is why it is important to outsource help from the experts. Imagine if you’re too busy with work and personal life, and you need extra hours to put everything together, this might be too stressful of a task. If you’re not in the best state, your output is compromised, that means your PR chances are compromised too. You don’t want that. And Paul Immigrations is the solution.

5. Reduce overall stress and delays

Again, the entire process can be stressful especially for someone who is not familiar with it. Learning how to navigate the e-Service portal can take time too. Their professional guidance can hasten the development of your application and save you tons of stress. You can rely on it for a fast, efficient and seamless application.

Paul Immigrations interior

About the firm

They are a certified immigration firm that specializes in the application of Singapore PR. They have been in the market for a long time now and thus make them well-equipped with comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the PR application process. The firm has a team of dedicated specialists that takes pride in undertaking the responsibility of applying for PR on behalf of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Their professionalism and quality service to understand your needs have maintained them a high success rate over the years.

Contact Paul Immigrations

You may visit their office at Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #13-01/02/03, Singapore, 038989

You may contact them through: +65 6206 6390

They are available Mondays to Fridays: 9:00am to 6:00pm (by appointment only)

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Parting Words

Getting your PR application approved is the beginning of realizing your great Singaporean dream. With a successful application, you’d be able to enjoy the same benefits as Singaporean citizens. This can enrich not only your own life but your loved ones’ too. With this, make sure to make the right choice and only choose trusted professionals in the field of PR applications such as Paul Immigrations to help you get approved!

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