While uploading last month’s photos on my Fb account, I
realized: It’s been an incredibly fulfilling (read: wanderlust) month.

I enjoyed Japan
would be an understatement but perhaps the closest to describe how I felt. Come on! I experienced snow in Mt. Gozaisho!

My trip to Japan is my first travel this year. I’d say it boosted my travel momentum to continue all the way through this year’s journey list.

I just came back to Manila from my 3-day Davao trip and my friends can’t help but ask where do I go next?

As much as I miss Kansai and Kanto regions (especially my Japanese friends in those
areas who welcomed me and guided me during my stay), I won’t be going back there ’til Autumn. If all goes well. Autumn. Maybe.

But I am thinking, it would be nicer to travel again with my Japanese friends here in the Philippines. I swore I would accommodate
them if they happen to visit my country. After all they were too generous to give me action-packed weekends and my fill of feasts on special holidays.

These are my Japanese friends from Mie. Took this photo on the Valentines Day. They are so kind. I need to show them utmost kindness here

Sidenote: Reiko wants to visit Cebu with her kids… study English, bum by the beach, drink fresh coconut juice, relax…

In Nagoya, we (Reiko and I) talked to an agency that offers English Study Program abroad…

Earlier today, I received a message from Reiko about their confirmed 3-week stay in Central Visayas.

I got ecstatic. Possibly due to the fact that I’m gonna see them again, and this time I’d be able to return the favor, you know show them around, share Filipino culture and stuff – or because Ethan (my 3 year old son) is taking a plane with me (for the first time) to meet Reiko’s family…

Very much the latter!

So yeah it’s settled. In August I will be flying to Dumaguete with my son! But before that month comes, I need to find the safest and the best place to accommodate my foreign friends, myself and my son.

Typical Japanese house in Yao City

I normally turn to Airbnb for unique accommodation for personal and business travels. I’m a big fan of the site. Today I did my Airbnb listings search. I keyed in “Dumaguete City” for the place I want to go, entered my travel dates, filtered my search with room type (i.e. entire place) and added my magic keywords ‘by the beach’…

My search led me to this Airbnb listing: Hassarams Courtyard

About This Listing
Fully-furnished serviced unit in a newly built apartment complex. With amenities that include Kitchen, Cable TV, Utilities, Parking and Free WiFi to name a few. Conveniently located near the airport and city, ideal for up to 4 people.  

Let me also share some photos I grabbed from Airbnb site:

Looks fresh from the outside!
Lucky house!

Orange!!! The interior is really inviting me in!

Reiko will love this simple queen-sized bed!
These will be good for the kiddos!

I love the convenience of the listings search on Airbnb. Whether an apartment for a month, a castle for a week, or
a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at
any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries

Having that said, with a normal hotel booking site, it’s a little tedious to search for an entire house for rent. Options are very limited (unless of course you have all the money in the world).

Most of the time average hotels lack bath tub (OK I have this serious thing for bath tubs) or kitchen and mind you, the kitchen plays an important role in my goal to share Filipino culture.

I intend to cook traditional Filipino foods for my foreign friends and begin a good conversation about my country’s history and people.

Chicken Adobo with Japanese ingredients 🙂 I cooked this for the family one fine dinner in Mie 🙂 

I want to mention Airbnb mobile application warrants a download on your device. I’d say is modern-ish kind of convenient. I have it on my iPad. So far I haven’t encountered any troubles booking listings through it. It has accessible accurate maps, guidebooks, high-res photos, descriptions, reviews, etc… You can make use of these features to plan your awesome itinerary.

Some screenshots from my iPad

Hassarams Courtyard is perfect for me, Ethan and Reiko’s family. It’s close to Lu Pega building where the kids are supposed to study. Just 4 minutes away! It’s clean and polished! It’s cozy and serene! On top of that Arjan, the owner, is apparently a very good host. 

So where is The Girl with the Muji Hat traveling to next? In the city of the gentle people, in Dumaguete! And hopefully we get to use the discount for our stay at Hassarams Courtyard! Thank you Airbnb!

You can also get your PHP 1,110 (USD 25) off your first trip on Airbnb. Just get it here. Or click the photo below 🙂

Let’s discover unique places to stay anywhere our wandering feet may take us. Join me on Airbnb. It is sure the best way to travel!

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