With more than 137 thousand active followers on Facebook, and at least 22 guests per tour operating daily 30 days a month, Gigantes Island Tours and Services is undeniably a giant in island tours business in Carles. I had the chance to join its day tours and it occurred to me why it is well-received. 

Gigantes Island Tours and Services is among the tour agencies that provide package tours to Gigantes group of islands in Carles. The municipality of Carles has the most number of tourist arrivals as per the record of Iloilo Provincial Tourism: 36, 229 visitors in 2015. I imagine this number to have increased in the subsequent years. 

If you key in gigantes tours on Facebook search box, the top find would be the Gigantes Island Tours and Services page. And if you visit this travel agency’s page, you’d find excellent responses from its clients (also a fair engagement with its followers).

Here are the reasons why Gigantes Island Tours and Services is well-reviewed and recommended: 

1. It is legit.

Gigantes Island Tours and Services is a legitimate business. Guests who have availed its tours have already proven this, no one has ever reported he or she got scammed.

Most importantly this travel agency is registered under its owner Mr. Rhett Paul and has a sanitary permit to operate. Its office address is in BGC Taguig. As of 8th March, another office in Carles is in the works.

L-R: Gigantes Island Tours and Services business permit, sanitary permit, bgc office, carles office (c) Rhett Paul

2. Its ad contents are complete and concise.

All the information a traveler needs about a package tour is clearly stated on Gigantes Island Tours and Services post. The ad is open, honest and (usually) witty. It is very transparent, tourists would know what to expect in the tour and what not. With this format, the agency is opening doors for authentic relationship with its client. 

The contents in its package tour ad are as follows:

  • Package cost
  • Package inclusions
  • Schedule
  • Detailed itinerary
  • Accommodation type and description
  • Menu choices
  • Terms and conditions
  • Reservation and payment
  • Discounts
  • Freebies

3. Its package tours are affordable (and competitive).

You can avail of a day tour at Php 999 per person or a 2D/1N package for Php 1699 per pax.

The price of the tours across tour agencies in Carles doesn’t make much difference so an agency’s edge would be its promos. In the case of Gigantes island Tours and Services, it offers birthday discount promos that’s 10%, freebies such as underwater smartphone case, unlimited drinks or even unlimited scallops, and lower package price for those traveling in groups.  

4. It has no hidden charges.

Gigantes Island Tours and Services employs transparency in their marketing. Having this said, you can expect to know everything: how much in total you are paying and what you are paying for. There are no hidden costs and never any unwanted surprises.

5. It sticks to its mission.

Indeed, customer satisfaction is among the main goals of any hospitality business. Gigantes Island Tours and Services achieves this by staying true to its guiding principle: “Our best promo is our service.” Client testimonials back this up. I experienced it first-hand too.

I am very pleased to say that most of the staff who assisted us during the entire trip have managed to make a genuine connection with us: the boat men who helped us carrying our stuff or whenever we got on and off the boat; the island locals who prepared our food and made sure we ate well; the boat crew who threw in punch lines to keep us all amused; the captain who highly valued the safety of everyone; and another boat crew who took our photos cheerfully (and skillfully).

More photos were below taken by a boat crew:

Shout out to kuya manong who willingly took our videos and photos. 

Too bad I could only tip him Php 100. I wanted to give him more but I didn’t have extra cash with me. But I hope more people would tip him especially when he’s the type who never gives any hint of interest in gratuity. 

Me, choi, nelson, maribel and our awesome kuya manong boat crew haha

You really made us happy we couldn’t help but jump!!!!


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Gigantes Island Tours and Services Package Tours

The following is a sample of what you can find on Gigantes Island Tours and Services package tour post. Note that this is for joiners and not for those traveling in groups.



-PRIVATE ROOM (in Resort and guesthouses)

-MORE AIR-CONDITIONS ROOM W/ TOILET INSIDE AVAILABLE (additional charge may apply when you upgrade)

-Shared bathroom for fan rooms (plenty of toilets)

-fan room/ first come first serve basis

-nothing fancy in Gigantes

-superb beauty of nature

-8 ISLANDS TO VISIT (depends on the sea condition)

-shared bathroom


-FREE UNLIMITED COFFEE all the time (drink all you want for coffee lovers out there)



-We do have a stable voice coverage both Globe and Smart- smart phones may access the web at times.

-Our boats are certified and MARINA registered, so guaranteed that itโ€™s sea worthy.

-travel insurance

-joiners are most welcome

-travel Insurance (when youโ€™re in the boat only)

-FULL BOARD MEALS (4 meals not 3 meals)

-GENEROUS SERVING and you can ask more for free!

*Lunch with soda

*Coffee time or milo, served at the beach

*Dinner with soda

*Breakfast with coffee or milo

*Lunch with soda




April 1-2, 2018-Overnight

April 1, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 2-3, 2018- Overnight

April 2, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 3-4, 2018- Overnight

April 4-5, 2018- Overnight

April 4, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 5-6, 2018- Overnight

April 6-7, 2018- Overnight

April 6, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 7, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 8-9, 2018- Overnight

April 8, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 9-10, 2018-Overnight

April 9, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 10-11, 2018- Overnight

April 10, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 11- 12, 2018- Overnight

April 11, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 12-13, 2018- Overnight

April 13-14, 2018- Overnight

April 14-15, 2018- Overnight

April 14, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 15-16, 2018- Overnight

April 15, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 16-17, 2018- Overnight

April 16, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 17-18,2018 – Overnight

April 17, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 18-19, 2018- Overnight

April 18, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 19-20, 2018- Overnight

April 20, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 21-22, 2018- Overnight

April 22-23, 2018- Overnight

April 22, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 23-24, 2018- Overnight

April 24-25, 2018- Overnight

April 25-26, 2018- Overnight

April 25, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 26-27, 2018- Overnight

April 27-28, 2018- Overnight

April 27, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 28-29, 2018- Overnight

April 28, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 29-30, 2018- Overnight

April 29, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 30, 2018- DAYTOUR (999)

April 30 – May 1, 2018- Overnight

Their Menu (3 choices per meal)

-Fresh steamed scallops

-Buttered Shrimp

-Chicken Binakol (special menu)

-Pork Lauya(a native cuisine)

-Grilled squids

-Grilled fish

-Adobo scallops

-Squid rings

-Fried fish

-Barbecue Scallops

-Squid Adobo

-Grilled Liempo

-Squid Calamares

-Wasay wasay also known as saltwater oyster

-And many more- for special request kindly let us know ahead of time prior to your tour schedule

Tour Highlight and Itinerary:

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8:30am to 9:00am: Meet up at Bancal Port Carles, Iloilo

9:15am: Registration at Tourism office

9:30am: Island hopping begins

10:00am: Balbagon Island

10:45am: Pulupandan Island

on a boulder in Pulupandan Island

Gaket Gaket islet during Amihan season. (This is optional)

11:30am: Cabugao Gamay

I’m glad I made it here!!!!

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30PM: Antonia Beach

Posing before I snorkel here in Antonia Beach

2:30PM: Puting Baybay Gamay

3:30pm: Bantigue Sandbar

So happy I met these travelers. Doing our last jump shot in Bantigue Sandbar

4:00pm: Tanke (Enchanted Lagoon)

Lofty rock formation in Tangke Hidden Lagoon

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Free time


1. Videoke- at your own expense

2. Drinking session

3. Star gazing


7AM Coffee time

7:30AM breakfast

8AM Start of island hopping

8:30am to 11am: Pawikan Cave

12NN Lunch

12:45PM Freshen up

1:30PM Boat leaves back to Bancal port

3:00PM End of tour

Guests should note that the sequence of the islands to visit may not be followed chronologically depending on the sea condition.

Terms and conditions:

1. 30% Deposit thru bank and please do send us a copy of the deposit slip on our page for records and for booking confirmation.

2. Please be advised that since it is a joiner tours everyone should be expected to arrive on time.

3. 100% refund on your deposit if in case the tour gets cancelled due to a bad weather condition.

4. 50% refund on your deposit if you missed out your flight to Roxas or Iloilo and that way you canโ€™t join the tour.

5.In line with the itinerary, it may change from time to time depending on the weather condition and there are some islands that cant be visited if the sea condition is bad so expect that chances are; we will not able to follow the itinerary.

6.The captain of the boat and the tour operator has the right to cancel or terminate the contract even though you are already in the island if there’s any unusual behavior including too much complain that can cause a delay to our tour.

7. Always respect the locals.

8. The most important rule: be friendly and enjoy the tour.

(SOURCE: Gigantes island Tours and Services Facebook Page)

Our feedback

We had the best time!

Thank you so much Mr. Rhett Paul, Ms. Sandy, manong bangkeros, everyone who assisted us on our trip… you did give us all a memorable adventure in Gigantes group of islands!

I would be happy to go back to Carles in the near future and book Gigantes Island Tours and Services in a heart beat!

(L) with fellow travelers, (R) with Mr. Rhett Paul’s parents

Client feedback 

We are not the only ones who are happy about experiencing Carles with Gigantes Island Tours and Services.

See some client feedbacks below and more here:

Reserve a tour

You can reserve a tour for a great Gigantes Island adventure here. 

You may also reach the following contact numbers:

09989816812 (Smart)

09565124927 (Globe)

(02) 7900269 (BGC OFFICE landline)

BGC office address: 24th flr. BGC corporate center, 30th st., cor. 11th ave., Global city Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Parting words

Gigantes Island Tours and Services gains customer loyalty because it values them highly. This is seen in the travel agency’s commitment to providing reliable package tours as well as excellent customer service. Try to experience a Gigantes group of islands adventure with Gigantes Island tours and Services, you’d be convinced!

Ever heard of this travel and tours agency in Iloilo? How was your experience with them? Would you like to avail of their tours? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for dropping by!