The trees in Siem Reap City remind me of the ones in Kinabalu Forest Park, only bigger (and appear to be enchanting). I was more than happy to snap my camera and capture majestic portraits of and with them:

The dazzling tree at the center of this picture is called Spung (Tetrameles nudiflora). It grows as high as 70 feet!
More Spung roots lodging along the walls of the temple ruins.
This tree seems like a fusion of a few different trees. 

I believe this is also Tetrameles nudiflora.

~500 year old Spung tree
Another giant Spung tree stepping on the roof of the gallery in Ta Prohm
Srolao! Reminds me of Scream Movie Waaaaah!!!!
It conveys a message: ‘we are not alone’
By looking at these tall, huge trees, I can’t help but wonder what goes on with their roots underground… 

You see, it’s easy to recognize a tree’s outward beauty—enjoy the healthy foliage, sturdy trunk—

and overlook the effort its root puts forth as it pushes downward into the soil (of adversity). 

As Joyce Meyer said, “trees must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and beautiful”. 

Similarly, we need to let the most essential, often invisible part of us toil, endure and create deep foundation in order to grow strong and beautiful just like these mighty trees.

I can’t explain why, but trees have always drawn me into them like a magnet. I find joy by mere staring… Maybe trees remind me of the absolute fun I had in my childhood? IDK.

Certainly, I like the fresh feeling the color green creates and the quality of the air when there are trees around. And to be honest I’d love to climb up the trees and be surrounded by the foliage. Must be relaxing up there…

What do you think? Are you also fond of trees?