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I admit that sneakers and backpack would cater me best when I travel domestic or overseas. But in between my arrival and departure, I meet people (I don’t often see) – spend time, take photos and go around places – with them, and boy I really want to look my best. 

A photo with my Japanese friend Sachan. While waiting for the Bus to Mie, we were camwhoring… I felt sassy and classy because of my hair!!! 

Traveling is a good time to relax, yes, but it can also be stressful. In my case the stress usually comes from my work as I take it with me everywhere I go. But as I’ve said, I want to look like I had a good night sleep and if I can look really classy then it would be even better, so here, let’s learn from these tips I compiled from friends I talked to and online sources about how to stay stylish and elegantly smart while on the road.  

I usually have my suitcase and backpack even if it is a 3 day trip… I know!!! Ineed to learn how to pack light!!!!

1. Sleep

If you want to look like you had a good night sleep then have a good night rest! If you can’t do so, at least take all the opportunities to snooze because when you are on travel, you need more energy than usual.

Also, cliche as it may sound, the feeling of classiness comes from within. If you are not feeling well, how can you radiate a classy/ sassy/ pretty/ fresh/ bright countenance? Proper sleep plays a big part not only in providing us a radiant (physical) appearance but more importantly in giving us a better mood. 

I lacked sleep. My mood for this day was just unacceptable. You can tell from my face right? hehe

2. Stay hydrated and bring appropriate meds

It’s very important to stay hydrated because of these reasons and also for me to not have migraines
and not act weird. Also, if you happen to have recurring headaches or bad cold, bring appropriate meds. Take anti-itch cream with you or medicated lippy for lip burns. LOL

I wasn’t able to bring a medicated lippy with me and so I just tried to cover my mouth with a face mask. See how weird I looked like on the photo below. My friend told me lose the mask, but no! I couldn’t! My lips were burning as heck. Also, I couldn’t lose the beanie because I was having a bad hair day haha Anyways, I learned my lesson.

Dotonbori Walk in Osaka, Japan

3. Eat healthy

It’s important not to starve yourself during long hours of travel. In this sense, try to bring healthy snacks with you to binge on while on the plane or train or bus… Here are some healthy foods to bring on the road.

4. Listen to good music

Life is too short to listen to bad music… so is the travel time to listen to BAD MUSIC. I mean, a good playlist really sets my mood. Calms my mind. Even puts me to sleep… So hey, it helps in MY goal to relax and have a good rest. Maybe it can also work for you?

5. Wear a comfy but sassy get-up

Wear comfortable clothes but add sass on the get-up. I don’t know your fashion preference. In my case I like playing my style with scarves or hats. I’m no fashion expert but I think you have to wear something that makes you feel pretty…

Try not to dwell
on the sneakers. You can still wear comfy shoes or slip-ons to flatter your overall look. I always bring my favorite sling bag to match with my Unlisted slippers (see the photo below). You can bring small folding totes or even clutch bags to avoid looking like a mountaineer lost in a coffee shop (having your backpack with you all the time). Speaking of bags, I love to shop at Zalora’s bag collections from time to time. ZALORA offers a range of purses in a multitude of styles
and designs. There are so many gorgeous ones but so far this one is my favorite: 

I just might get it because my sling bag’s about to give up on me. I can feel.

~Php 1,200.00 sandals… very comfortable for long hours of walking

6. Wear your crowning glory

I mean, set your hair. Dry your hair before leaving out for a tour. Don’t go out of the hotel like you are Maleficent after a loss against Briar Rose. Use conditioner to make your hair soft and shiny. Don’t whine when your travel buddy has all shiny, set hair and you don’t (because you were TOo lazy to do so then you shy away from the camera). Unless you are a certified shampoo model then yeah you can go out with your ‘just-got-out-of-the-bed’ look…

I always leave a space in my luggage for my hair curler/iron because I look horrible with my dry, frizzy hair. That reminds me, I should’ve brought my hair iron in Japan. But I didn’t because of the wattage…Well… let’s save the story for my JP posts… All I’m saying is wear your best hair. 

So there you can see how bad my hair is… anyways I enjoyed because of my complete OOTD πŸ™‚ If my hair was set, I’d have close up pics heheheh But noooooooo
The lady at the center is Yen πŸ™‚ I love her classy aura πŸ™‚ Among my friends, she’s the epitome of both classy and fierce I guess

6. Mind your manners

To really live up with the classy image, you have to mind your manners especially in public. Keep a smile on your face. You’ll also benefit from this when you interact with the locals. You’ll gain friends, sympathy and most of all, discounts. LOL

These ladies are not just stylish but more so real nice, down to earth and happy people

So there… I hope you got something from the tips I mentioned above. And also you can share how you stay classy when you travel. I would really love to hear from you!!! Thanks!!!