To get COVID-19 vaccinated or not


The company I work for, the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), is fully committed to support the Department of Health’s (DOH) nationwide immunization program. In its joint statement with the Philippine Society for Hypertension, PHA underscores three important points: (1) hypertension is NOT a disqualifier to COVID19 vaccination; (2) to date, none of the COVID19 vaccines with Emergency Use Authorization approval for patients with comorbidities specifically state that elevated blood pressure is a contraindication; (3) the risks of vaccination are outweighed by the large benefit that includes the significant reduction of severe COVID infection and mortality.

Personally, I still have low confidence in the administration of COVID19 vaccines by our government that is why I am doing my own research on these vaccines—how the vaccine can affect me, which vaccine fits my physical condition and what to do or expect on the day of the immunization. 

Now, I am not saying you should get vaccinated nor am I telling you otherwise. But in order for you to intelligently decide for yourself, be in the know. I encourage you to read, give full attention to COVID19 vaccine-related webinars by authorized institutions. And then be ULTIMATELY responsible about the information you share to others. I heard the health secretary mention that we are in the midst of a pandemic and a “digital infodemic”. The internet age has given everyone a platform to raise practically ANYTHING. We’ve seen it abused. So, let us not forget the freedom that we have online implies obligation. Do not spread misinformation.

That said, in my Instagram story highlights, you will find vaccine resources from the recently held MyTownHall webinar by DOH. Aim High Pinay founder Ayo Di also has “webisodes” from “GALING POOK” to share regarding vaccine efficacy and efficiency. 

And from the PHA, our upcoming USAPANG PUSO SA PUSO lay forum on April 14, 2021 is about immunization. Our panelists will be esteemed cardiologists from the field of Heart Failure, Pharmacotherapy, and Infectious Diseases. Hopefully, the discussion sheds light on all of our questions about COVID19 vaccine. 

Again, let’s be properly informed. And let’s spread right information. 

I thought to use the photos above to in a way, pay homage to my company and also  because the photo of me on the bench is representative of how I feel now: isolated BUT trying to be hopeful, hence the smile on my face. 

If you feel the anxiety brought by what’s going on in the world, virtual hugs and please remember hope is still ahead. Keep your head up!

What do you think about RESBAKUNA? Are you ready for the COVID19 vaccine? Would love to to know your thoughts!

(The opinions expressed in this post are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the PHA)

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