The first time I had my hair treated with rebond, bleach and color plus Brazilian blow dry was in 2018. Now, it’s 2021, it’s that time again to get my hair treated. Had the same set of treatments from the same salon and same stylist: KIREI’S (also known as KIREI’S BEAUTY PARLOR) in my hometown with hair stylist Isabel Cruz. In this post, I will share my experience, and hopefully help you decide if this treatment is fit for your hair as well. 

November 2018 when I first had my treatment with Kirei’s but before that I also did DIY hair rebond at home which also yielded satisfactory result.

But, if you ask me, which I prefer to do to my hair, my answer would be, to have mami Isabel (as I fondly call her) treat my hair!!!

my messy hair needs salon treatment
I badly need a hair salon treatment lol

Here’s a bit of a background about my hair: 

December 2020 – I did another DIY hair rebonding (BECAUSE I couldn’t go to the salon)

June 2020 – Rebond + Color + Brazilian Blow Dry at Kirei’s

November 2019 – Rebond + Color + Brazilian Blow Dry at Kirei’s

November 2018 – Rebond + Color + Brazilian Blow Dry at Kirei’s

(and other treatments you can find in some pages here in my blog)

March 27, 2021, on Lazada’s Birthday (LOL) I went back to my hometown and had the same treatment: Rebond + Color + Brazilian Blow Dry.

Here’s a video of the hair treatment process I uploaded in my TikTok:


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At the moment of posting this, I haven’t rinsed my hair. I need three more days. So, I will update this post for sure (as what I always do with my other posts)

before and after the treatment


1) Make sure that your stylist know your hair treatment history. For example, in my case, I informed my stylist that I DIY rebonded and bleached and colored my hair three months ago. This is important for her to know so she’d know how to treat your hair strand with bleach (especially when you are aiming for a different hair color that most often needs bleaching).

2) Your stylist should be vigilant in the sense that, he or she should be checking out on your hair even if the “process” requires 45 minutes of “letting a chemical in your hair”. Especially when your hair has undergone much treatment. You can’t just trust a 20-minute bleaching or 45-minute hair rebond product 1 applied on hair– because the strands may react differently. And the damage to bleached hair during rebonding should be prevented. This is why I trust my stylist, because she is like a “hair police” checking out my hair strand EVERY NOW AND THEN. 

3) During the bleaching process, you will feel burning sensation in your scalp, if it is severely uncomfortable and you feel like crying, tell your stylist. Drink lots of water too. And avoid getting the bleach to your eyes. If in case, you got a burn, immediately rinse with water. 

4) Tell your stylist, which part of your hair you feel or observe to have more tending especially during the hair ironing (during rebond process). The rebonding will work effectively when the hair ironing is skillful. So, if you think there are missed strands or a bit of wave, tell your stylist to go over it again. 

5) Be kind to your stylist and tip them. If you can, buy them food too. The process takes one whole day. And the stylist is not really getting much from the service so your tips can go a long way.Β 

Brazilian blowout
Post-treatment photo

Is hair rebond for you?

Do you want to straighten your hair? If you answer yes, then hair rebond is definitely the way to go. 

If you just had your hair treated, it may be tricky because some salon don’t accommodate clients who just had their hair bleached because there is a HIGH TENDENCY for the hair to rubberize. Personally, I also recommend to let your hair rest and home treated with conditioner/ keratin over the course prior to getting the treatment to avoid further damage. 

But, if you think your hair had thick and sturdy strands (like my hair) you can go for hair rebond even after 2 or 3 months of bleaching. Make sure to have a skilled stylist as well. AND in order to have much better result, couple it with Brazilian Blow dry.

Do you need Brazilian blow dry?

I strongly recommend you do because this treatment locks the keratin in the hair strands, thus, the hair is much better/ healthier-looking afterwards.

Cost of getting hair rebond, hair color, and Brazilian blow dry  

How much is it to get all this treatment? At Kirei’s, they charge about Php3,000 for the package treatment. In other salon, the range is Php 3000 – Php 5,000 depending on the hair length, thickness, and well, the salon rate. But 3,000 for waist-length hair is reasonable. 

So there you go! Check out my other posts about hair care!Β 

hair rebond, hair color ashe blonde and Brazilian blowout

Thank you for your time! Hope my post helps. If you have questions, just leave a comment or message me. I always respond as soon as I can! Stay safe!