The Spring months are upon us and there’s no better feeling than lighter evenings and warmer days. It feels great to wake up in the morning and know the sun will be shining and the daylight will last much longer. Whether you are working from home and want to make your home more seasonal, or simply want to freshen up the interior to align with the freshness outside, here are some simple ideas.

Fix anything broken

There might be some, if not a lot of repairs to do in your house, as things tend to break all the time, especially if there are little kids around. And winter might not be the best of times to repair it, given the cold weather which makes you lazy. For example, you may not have used your AC unit for six months and it might have packed up. If so, you might want to invest in an air conditioning repair service to make your unit more efficient and ensure it is ready for the warmer days. So, once the season is up, it’s time to crawl out of your couch and finish these repairs that have been pending for a while now.

Embrace the natural light

Bring more sunlight into the garden and the home with larger windows, fewer window coverings, or tall bushes. Often, when we take up the job of cleaning our houses, we tend to forget the windows. And when you look at it, you can notice tiny stains, nose prints, or those cute little paw prints if you happened to have a pet. Why leave it behind, just put some gloves on and some paper towels and wipe the windows clean. And since, it’s going to be spring, it doesn’t hurt to open them up and let some fresh air, and warm sun in.

Add greenery

Bring the outside inside with more greenery, flowers, and foliage. A lot of people opt for various types of fresh flowers and ornamental leaves when it comes to decorating the living rooms. Why don’t you give it a refreshing twist by throwing traditional flower arrangements for a toss and use foliage instead? You could use leaves of banana, palm, and philodendron to make a statement look. Just put these up in huge decorative vases with some water, and you’re done. A beautiful and quirky look to your living room welcomes everybody.


Spring is a season that is supposed to feel fresh, so a declutter might be in order. An easy way to give your living space a mini makeover without spending a dime is to declutter and redecorate your shelves. Decluttering your shelves and other surface areas is a great way to have a fresh new start. Start by removing everything from your shelves then taking things you haven’t touched in a while or are sick of seeing out of the mix. Begin with minimal ‘decorative’ items that will make you happy.

Did you find these simple ideas practical? What have you applied for your own home? Do you have other insights to add? Let us know in the comments section below! Happy spring season!