Tips to reduce stress level amidst the pandemic


This pandemic has caused almost everyone a sedentary behavior and low levels of physical activity. These can have negative effects on the health, well-being and quality of life of every individual. Rolling lockdowns and quarantine also caused additional stress and challenged the mental health of every citizen.

How can we really cope-up with this very challenging situation? Here are a few tips on how to reduce stress amidst the pandemic and still stay strong and healthy while making sure of our own’s safety and the safety of the people around us.


If you are feeling stressed, physical activity can do wonders for your mental health. The World Health Organization recommends to exercise for at least 15 minutes a day. It’s really doable. Afraid to go outside due to the virus? Here are some fitness tips that can be done at home: 

Take short active breaks daily, in between performing household chores to playing with your kids. What you need is just short sessions of physical activities that will keep you busy. 

Turn to the world wide web and follow an online exercise class. The internet offers a huge selection of exercise courses that are for free and many of them can be found on Youtube. 

Here’s a simple tip but is a very effective exercise : walk around, even inside the home so you remain active. If you can do other things while standing or walking, do it; instead of sitting down. 

If you are working from home, experts recommend standing up every 30 minutes to reduce sedentary time. It would be better if you can set up a standing desk while working. 

•Set limits around news on the pandemic

We all need to be updated on what’s happening around us especially this current pandemic, but we have to limit what we watch or hear about COVID19. Excessively checking updates of coronavirus news can leave us stressed and emotionally exhausted. It will scare us, bring anxiety and will challenge our mental health so try to disconnect and build healthy news habits. Of course you can’t totally discard and avoid the news but, follow only those that provide factual information from trusted sources. Also, set specific times for checking the news and when watching, watch the news with others to discuss any worries you might have. Also, try to look for positive, uplifting stories and good news amid the pandemic as this can boost your mood and wellbeing.

•Enjoy hassle-free online games at home

Playing online video games can help save you from stress. But do note that not all video games are created equal. Stay away from mobile or online games that ask you to provide your personal details, requires you to pay to continue playing other levels or so you can level up your character. Yes, you might be surprised that there is this site for online video games that will let you play for free and with less hassle. Check the site as it offers huge game categories that can be enjoyed by any member of the family. The games are casual and can be easily played via the browser. The games are sure to quickly ease the boredom from getting stuck at home.

•Reach out to others

Without social interactions, life can feel lonely and isolating. Make time to reach out and connect with others for your mental health. Talking to a friend via a phone call or chat can decrease stress and anxiety. Talk to someone you trust,  share your emotions and experiences to make you feel connected. A regular virtual meetings with family and friends can be a great source of support during uncertain times.

Parting Words

We are truly living in extraordinary times, but don’t be afraid as we still have a lot of options to stay sane and healthy amidst this pandemic.

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