This is a quick hack for you if you have been experiencing troubles viewing images on BLOGSPOT websites. 

I believe this started in mid September or at least I noticed this around this time. At first, I thought it is just because of my mac memory but then I figured it is because of my network. I am using GLOBE AT HOME for my wifi and SMART mobile data. If I use my personal hotspot and connect to SMART LTE, the images show up. With GLOBE, no luck.

Look at the images below:

BROKEN IMAGES even on the Blogger dashboard
Broken thumbnails 
more broken images
broken images on my friend’s blog

So, here is the fix: CHANGE the DNS setting of your network.

To do this, just go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES then go to NETWORK then go to ADVANCED WIFI SETTING then go to DNS and then add a new DNS server and SEARCH DOMAIN. 

If you haven’t done this before, don’t worry because it is simple to do.

Look at the images to help you with the process:  

On the DNS SERVER on the left just put 

On the SEARCH DOMAIN on the right just put


Then click ok then APPLY.

The fix should apply afterwards. Refresh your browser and you are good to go with no more broken images!

Look at the before and after photos:

Before changing the DNS SERVER to GOOGLE 
After changing DNS SERVER to GOOGLE

What do you think about this post? Was this helpful? If it helped you, please share! If you have questions, just leave comments down the comments section below! Thank you!