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This month, Pound for Pound Fitness Angono celebrates its first anniversary. I am posting this to congratulate them and also to commend them for making their first-anniversary celebration all about giving back: to children in need and to their patrons. But before I talk about this new gym home of mine, let me tell you about how I got hooked on working out at a local gym.

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Weekend scene inside Pound for Pound Fitness Angono

How I got hooked on going to the gym

Growing up, I was a sucker for traditional outdoor games like patintero, block 1-2-3, agawang-panyo, 10-20… My best childhood memories involved seemingly endless afternoons enjoying these high-energy activities around my neighbourhood. I suppose I developed this habit of staying physically active that I continued to my adolescence and, later on, to my adult life.

In elementary, I joined interschool sports competitions such as track and field and volleyball. I didn’t dream of becoming a varsity athlete but I loved after-school training. Back then, I could run. My most unforgettable achievement was winning 3 gold medals in a 100-, 200-, and 400-meter sprint at Marikina Sports Center. I didn’t win any medals as a volleyball player, but I had a great time as well.

In high school, I discovered a love for dancing and was able to join a dance troupe both in the school and in our church community. I can say the best memories I have for my high school days were more about doing extracurricular activities like being a member of the Thespian Society and a COCC trainee and CAT officer.

Back in the day, I didn’t have any fitness goal. I just like staying active. Even more, I like activities that push my energy to the limits like an obstacle course that involves running, jumping, crawling, and climbing… I am not really someone who needs to lose some pounds, in fact, I began gym training to gain weight. Giving birth to my boy in 2011 facilitated unwanted weight loss. In 2014, I was skin and bones. I weighed 38kg and had incredibly weak arms. Every time I commute, I try to avoid riding the back of a UV Express because it was impossible for me to close the rear door. Suffice to say, I was frustrated and felt no confidence at all about my body. This also made me realize I need to do something, hence, for the first time in my life, I plotted a fitness goal: to gain weight and be strong.

That said, in the same year, I enrolled at a local gym. I thank my previous gym trainers for teaching me how to properly use gym equipment as well as how to do proper exercises. Training with them with Crossfit and boxing helped improve my stamina, endurance and body strength. As a result, I was able to do other activities I’ve always thought of trying: wall-climbing and yoga.

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I’ve always been a fan of martial artists and gymnasts. I watch them on TV or in movies. I love UFC and ONE Championship. Although I don’t have any plans (or qualifications) to compete in the mixed martial arts world, I am keen to learn them. After all, my cousins do Brazilian Jiujitsu and Aikido. I wanted to learn those for fitness and for supplementary life skill.

In 2016, I got introduced to Muay Thai at a blogging event in the Elorde Boxing Gym at Cafe Lupe in Antipolo City. I loved Muay Thai so much, I was convinced it was the mixed martial arts I need. Sadly, at that time, there were no Muay Thai lessons in my area. Elorde was too far from our house so I couldn’t train there.

Luckily, just this summer, I heard of this new gym in my hometown that offer Muay Thai. It’s also just across from where I live. How convenient!!!

At first, I was skeptical to transfer to that gym because I’ve grown really fond of my previous gym. It was a hard decision to make but a chance to learn Muay Thai at this point in my life is something I can’t let to go down the drain.

Fast forward to last month, I left my old gym and enrolled at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono!

Fun time at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono with my friends

About Pound for Pound Fitness Angono

Pound for Pound Fitness Angono opened in June last year. Like other Pound for Pound Fitness gyms, it is a franchise. The owner is Mr. Bong Trinidad (haven’t really met him yet).

For a year now, it’s given fitness classes and training to members who wish to get in shape, achieve their fitness goals or to find a worthwhile hobby. Also, Pound for Pound Fitness Angono has helped raise the community’s enthusiasm for sports and fitness by creating organized sporting events such as a basketball league.

As it celebrates its first anniversary, Pound for Pound Fitness Angono has pledged a part of each member’s gym fee to the benefit of children in need as a way to celebrate and give back. They provide them with the basic school supplies they need as the school year starts this month. Also, competitive discounts await those who wish to enrol at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono this June.

You can train boxing or Muay Thai at Pound for pound Fitness Angono

There are many reasons why I like going to this gym. Let me discuss them below:

1. The gym staff are approachable and friendly

The fitness trainers, the receptionist, the coaches, even the owners—everyone here is friendly. You won’t get intimidated talking to them about your fitness goals or other gym concerns especially when you are struggling to do an exercise or use any gym equipment.

2. The trainers are pros

The trainers are not only certified but also experienced in giving workout instructions. My trainers in Muay Thai are professional boxers: Coach Lloyd Jardeliza, international featherweight boxer, and Coach Sonnyboy Jaro, former WBC Flyweight World Champion.

3. The gym is relatively spacious, also walking distance from where I live

This is the only fitness center in Angono with the most space and well ventilation. It is accessible to people living next towns as it is located near SM Center Angono.

4. The rates are reasonably priced

The membership fee and package rates here are not cheap compared to other local gyms but reasonably priced considering the inclusions.

Normally, the membership fee is Php500. But this month, this fee is waived because of their anniversary promo. You’ll see further below that the package rates have great value for money especially if you train 3-4 times a week.

Plyo Softbox and some weights

5. They offer Cross training

Cross training involves constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements that not only improve physical/mental well-being and cardiovascular fitness but are also very fun to do for example regular workout exercises incorporated with resistance training, Pilates, or a boot-camp class. Cross training classes in Manila can be very expensive, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, here, they’re affordable.

6. They offer Muay Thai and boxing

This is the main reason why I moved from my previous gym to this gym—I was looking for a place where I can enrol Muay Thai. Because I have so many things to talk about our muay thai classes, I am dedicating a separate blog post for my experience. I also uploaded our videos in my YouTube Channel.

7. They care

Pound for Pound Fitness Angono cares about its members and its community.

For members, the trainers really push and motivate them so that they achieve the goals they came to the gym for.

For the community, Pound for Pound Fitness organizes sporting events to get members of the community more involved in physical activities. Also, they give back by supporting charitable institutions or directly donating to schools students’ basic school supplies/needs.

For this reason, it is easy to be a proud member of this gym.

Gym promo rates at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono

Pound for Pound Fitness Angono Gym Rates

Anniversary Promo (From June 11 until June 18 only)


1 Month – Php800

3 Months – Php1800

6 Months – Php2800

1 Year – Php4800

Boxing or Muay Thai:

1 Month – PhpP1800

2 Months – PhpP2800

Combo Promo

1 Month – Php2200

2 Months – Php3200



> Unlimited Session

> Fitness Trainer

> Free Parking

Contact Pound for Pound Fitness Angono

Pound for Pound Fitness Angono is located on the 3rd Floor of EC Valle Commercial Center Angono, Rizal. It is across from Joaquin Guide Elementary School, next to Jetti Gas Station.

You may contact them through their mobile number: 0917 8300523 or through their Facebook Page.

Big kettle bells at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono
Parking space for Pound for Pound Fitness Angono
Inside Pound for Pound Fitness Angono
You can buy some cute merch (and drinks too) at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono
You can rent training gloves at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono for Php30.00

Parting Words

If you haven’t tried going to any gym or enrolling to any fitness programs, you might be a bit skeptical of becoming a member of any fitness centers — but trust me, once you’ve found the fitness program for you or a “fitness sport”, it could become a passion for years to come. As for me, I found it at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono!

Do you workout regularly? Do you like going to the gym? Have you been to any Pound for Pound Fitness branch? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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