How to enjoy dining at Scrapyard Cafe & Restaurant in Angono, Rizal


One of my favorite diners in my hometown Angono in the mountainous province of Rizal is Scrapyard Cafe & Restaurant. I am not sure why it’s named Scrapyard. It’s definitely not a yard of scraps but a place of comfort food that reminds me of home. The meals here are affordable too.

Scrapyard Cafe & Restaurant locally known as Scrapyard serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Menu offerings range from Filipino favorites such as silog (meals with fried rice and fried egg) and minalot (meals served in a banana leaf with hard boiled egg, a veggie side, and a dessert) to local delicacies like fried itik, goto, lumpia, halo-halo, kakanin. 

Whenever I crave for goto (a variant of Filipino congee) and lumpia (spring roll) or minalot, I dine here. Goto and lumpia are available 24/7.

Minalot meals from Scrapyard Angono: Php90 each

Recently, the place had a facelift so it’s more spacious than before. More tables and chairs were added. Interesting decors like colorful umbrellas and fish lanterns were hanged on the ceiling. The lanterns look like the ones I’ve seen in Japan.

Even with the additional space, Scrapyard remains well-ventilated. Plenty of electric fans are accessible to customers to efficiently cool the place (also it helps ward off some insects). There are plants and trees around adding to the fresh ambiance.

If you need to wash your hands, you can use the outdoor wash area or the indoor restroom.

The parking space here is free. It’s also free to listen to live bands playing during the weekends.

Last weekend, I and my friends dined here after our workout at Pound for Pound Fitness Angono.

Here is a board of menu of what you can order at Scrapyard Angono. They serve other meals. You can check the complete menu at the counter

Some photos I took from the area:

Inside Scrapyard Angono
The music stage where the live band plays
Some decors hanging from the ceiling 
If you care for some sweets
Minalot special at Scrapyard Angono
More dining space
The hardworking staff
more dining space
private dining space
if you want to be in a private space, you can choose this part of the diner
more space
Frech Buko Php50.00
Fried lumpia Php18.00
Chicken Adobo (Minalot) Php90
Daing na Bangus (Minalot) Php90

I have recently read a few “not-so-great” customer experiences online about this place and thought I can make a post about the reviewers’ concern, after all, this is one of my go-to diners. 

So here are the ways to enjoy this place:

How to enjoy dining here:

1. Order a chicken adobo minalot or liempo or kalderetang itik and a fresh coconut juice.

2. Try eating their goto and fried lumpia.

3. Request for a sabaw (soup) as well as soy sauce with chilis. 

4. If you are in a hurry, politely request the staff to speed up a little. I know the staff can be a bit slow here sometimes. I think it’s mainly because they have a lot to do. It wouldn’t hurt to kindly request any of them to hurry up. 

5. Listen to the live band playing on the weekends.

6. Take photos while waiting for your food. The place has interesting decors you can take photos with. These photos of yourself or with friends or family can be a memorable souvenir.

7. If you need anything, request. This is a spacious cafe and restaurant with decent interiors but the food here is inexpensive. There is no service charge. You are also not obliged to tip the staff. The least you can do is to let them know what you need when you need it. Do not expect them to instantly know you need more water or condiments or tissue. You are not the only customer here. Remember, this is not a five-star restaurant.

How to get to Scrapyard Angono

This restaurant is located along Angono hi-way. If you’re coming from taytay, you’ll get passed Balaw-Balaw Restaurant. Scrapyard is on the right, just across from 7-Eleven. It is also next to Music Wizard Cafe.

Parting Words

Dining at Scrapyard Cafe & Restaurant (or any dining place) can be a pleasurable experience if you know how to enjoy the place. I hope the tips I mentioned in this post have been a great help! The next time you visit this modest but cool diner, make the most to enjoy tasty homemade meals while spending less.

What do you think about this diner? Have you tried any Filipino food? Do you like Minalot?  What’s your go-to diner in your hometown? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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