Must Try in Japan: KARAOKE


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What better way to try Karaoke than in Japan?

Fact 1: Karaoke originated from Japan, not in the Philippines.

Fact 2: It’s cheaper to enjoy Karaoke in Japan than in Manila (or probably than anywhere else).

I was surprised by the cost of the Karaoke room rental in Yokkaichi. For 4 hours, we only paid JPY 500! That’s less than 250 pesos! LIKE SERIOUSLY?!

My friend told me it’s the average Karaoke cost in Japan. 500 YEN! Now that’s something CHEAP!

Mind you, I’m not talking about a small booth, it’s a huge room filled with a soft couch, speakers with surround sound, 54-inch LCD TV, wireless mics and touchscreen remote controls. It’s sleek. It’s way better than Anne Curtis’ favorite Karaoke room at Music 21… No wonder some Japanese willingly spend the night in a Karaoke room when they miss the last train~

Never have to worry about English songs… they have it!!! they even have Taylor Swift’s blank space!
The history icon is very interesting… tapping it leads you to a new song list discovery!!!!

My friend Reiko 🙂 She sings really well!
We can take food inside… No corkage fee!
we can do what we want!! we have the entire room for 7 hours!
It’s indeed a fun experience to sing at a Karaoke bar in Japan especially “Frozen” in Nihonggo…

If you happen to visit Japan, try renting a Karaoke room or go to what they call “snack bar”… A friendly reminder though, if you plan to sing Japanese songs, prepare a copy of the lyrics written in Romanji characters hehe unless you actually memorize the lyrics or you can read Hiragana! 

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