Photo Walk at Utsubo Park


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Earlier today I went to the park and snapped some
shots… I saw a lot of things that I found really interesting especially the
flowers called “Erika” and a very tall dog.

So this is the dog I am talking about… It is so tall!!! I found out on Google that it is a Borzoi, a Russian breed of sighthound. It is also called Russian wolfhound. It looks like a greyhound but with longer hair thus sometimes referred to as long-haired greyhound. 

I noticed that this Borzoi is tamed and quiet. But I found that Borzois are actually very athletic dogs they often joined to dog racing events. I wonder if this Borzoi has joined such competitions…

COMMERCIAL: I am just explaining here how to survive without tripod hehe
I succeeded with a groupie (yeah I am with the lovely Erika flowers)
ERIKA FLOWERS hehehe I wonder if they have special (medicinal) use or something..
twirls… these trees make me want to have vanilla ice cream twirl in a sweet cone
I forgot the name of this flower… it is ubiquitous in JP parks… Let me google… So this is Camilla!
I am happy to see these vibrant colors in winter… I think the monotony of the withered trees in the other side of this park could drain some of my energy~  
An interesting passage~
Reading a book here is perfect… minus the black crows @_@
Some more flowers
No actual people here
Make a wish!!!!

There! Hope you enjoyed the photos! 

Hmmm… I wonder what you usually see when you walk in the park, especially in an early morning… I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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