Must-have things in your newborn’s room


Are you a soon-to-be parent? If yes, you must be excited as well as nervous to welcome them. You might be trying hard to arrange everything up to the mark in your home before your baby comes in this world.

So, are you ready with the baby’s room furnishing and décor? You need to be ready with certain furniture for the convenience of your little one. You can start browsing through baby cots and baby dressers in Australia online market.

If you are still confused about what things to look for, this article will walk you through with the must-have things in your newborn’s room.

Read further to know:

1. The baby cot

Generally, a baby sleeps in the cot for a couple of hours. So, it is important that you consider all the safety aspects before buying one. Also, if you are looking for long term usage, opt for a crib which is convertible into a toddler and full-size beds.

2. Waterproof mattress cover

Having a bay in the house means inevitable spit-ups and blow-outs. Hence, you will need a waterproof mattress cover for not only your baby’s crib but also your own bed. This will lighten your load to change or wash the mattress and instead you just need to change the waterproof cover.

3. The changing table

There are many other materials including the diapers and clothes which are a must to take care of your child. So, you need to create a space from where these things are easily accessible. Also, you need an apt place to make your baby sit and change. Having a changing table will solve all this issue.

Moreover, it is advisable to set the table on the top of the dresser to save the space and distance of the required things.

4. Storage space

Babies are required to change their wear at least three times a day. So, one of the most important baby furniture you need is dressers and drawers to stock their clothes, diapers, bibs, socks, etc. Make sure you choose something which can be used even after your baby grows. You can also buy or DIY open cabinet storage for baby’s gears and blankets. You can use the same space for storing toys as your little one grows.

5. Nursing chair and pillow

It is extremely difficult to make your baby sit and eat calmly. A nursing chair can help you do that.

This chair allows the baby to rock, swing, and lean. You can buy one in accordance to your budget as it comes in multiple price range. Also, nursing pillows are important to position the baby’s head properly. This helps to avoid health problems like gastric and indigestion.

6. Clothes, wipes and diapers

Some of the necessities like wipe, diapers, socks, or mittens need to be stocked before your baby arrives. Besides, the starting months are the most sensitive period of a child’s life so make sure you choose the mildest option. When it comes to their clothes, purchase the material which is comfortable and skin-friendly to the baby’s delicate skin.

Parting Words

Add curtains, paintings, rugs or something you wanted in your baby’s room with soothing, colours, patterns or designs. Besides, you can make a memory wall to add your baby’s memories like the first crib or the photo of the first walk. Such addition can surely brighten your little one's room. The purpose of doing all this is to make you and your baby smile so, add whatever you like rather than going with any specific.

Happy decorating!

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