One of the things you can do upon arrival at the Atmosphere Resorts and Spa Philippines is to admire the lush surroundings as you walk from the resort drop-off point to the reception. 

This short walk that takes you through rich coconut groves, thick bushes, and flourishing trees beautifully showcased along the entire estate covered with Bermuda grass will immediately release all the tensions from your head to your shoulder down to your toes.

The resort also has a long and strong list of activities to outweigh your desire to get busy under, over and out of the water. Here are 10 fun, unforgettable things you can do:

1. Half-day ATV Excursion to Baslay Hot Spring

This 4-hour adventure will take you through a tropical rain forest in the lush mountain range of Dauin. The highlight of this trip is the trek to the sulfur springs of Brgy. Baslay, more commonly known as the Baslay Hot Spring. You can also trek further to the nearby waterfall.

(Tour price: Php3,000-Php4,000)

2. Yoga lessons at the resort’s treetop platform

Photo opp with Ms. Rae Collins, Atmosphere Resorts wellness manager and the day’s yoga teacher 🙂
Yoga with friends at Atmosphere Resorts in Dauin
Yoga and fitness schedule Atmosphere Resorts in Dauin

The promise of an unforgettable stay at Atmosphere Resorts is also fulfilled through a life-changing meditation experience. At Php795, you can take yoga lessons held daily on the resort’s treetop yoga platform. This “treehouse” is fronting the beach, and well, surrounded by foliage. You can imagine how relaxing it is just to sit here and gaze out at the water.

I had four yoga lessons here, twice with my friends who also agreed that being by the beach is a convenient way to be in a meditative state. Ms. Rae Collins, the resort’s wellness manager, was our Yoga teacher during our stay.

Truth be told, I have never taken any yoga class before. LOL My friends just assume I had. I know some poses because our pole class back then incorporate them in our warm-up and flexibility exercises. So the first class here was quite interesting. But you need not worry if you don’t have any background in yoga or aren’t flexible at all. Classes work for all levels.

Why try yoga? My short answer is: why not?

3. Lounge by or swim in the resort’s gorgeous Infinity Pool

Me on a white inflatable butterfly at the Infinity Pool of Atmosphere Resorts
Photo opp with the amazing marketing manager of Atmosphere Resorts, Ms. Ulrika Kroon

I emailed the marketing manager of the resort, Ms. Ulrika, and asked if we could bring an inflatable. Her immediate response was how big it is. Clearly, they don’t allow massive inflatables which is great because if I were another guest, I wouldn’t wanna be inconvenienced in this shared social space.

This inflatable was the same one we (by that I mean I am my travel buddies) brought in our trip to Bali. It makes for a different kind of fun in the water. Although (prior to the fun) I think inflatables are created for those uncomfortable to be in the water but want to nevertheless…

So… as I was saying, it is nice to lounge on the inflatable butterfly, float peacefully on the infinity pool and just admire the beauty around…

Infinity Pool Atmosphere Resorts Dauin




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One of the strong features I admire about @atmosphereresorts is its overall relaxing atmosphere—the kind that when you get much of won’t bore you or make you feel guilty. Here, I absolutely don’t mind lounging all day poolside 👌 . . . . . . #atmosphere #atmosphereresortsandspa #atmosphereresorts #atmosphereresort #dauinnegrosoriental #dauin #infinitypools #gorgeousresorts #travelblogger #bikinitravelblogger #bikinigirls #bikinibabe #gltlove #hmbikini #bluebikini #babybluebikini #poolsidevibes #poolsidegirls #itsmorefuninph #negrosoriental

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If you do shake off the feeling to luxuriate under the sun, you can lounge by the pool, read a book, listen to music while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Enjoying fresh coconut juice at Atmosphere Resorts in Dauin

4. Don’t miss the Family Pool

One of the endearing qualities of Atmosphere Resorts that also speaks of their dedication to providing relaxation like no other is the presence of family-friendly facilities.

Guests with children can have as much fun at the family pool with cascading shallow water.

Couples or other travellers, on the other hand, can enjoy intimate time in the water at the infinity pool.

Surprisingly, I find this area relaxing even with the presence of children. Though I am not so sure if it’s because the ambience is pure serene or if I just got used to being surrounded by energetic kids…

It’s easy to get distracted when you hear loud noises. But during my stay here, I proved children’s laughter can be infectious (even if it’s too much) and construction noise in midday can be looked past.

5. Snorkel at the resort’s reef

While other resorts in Negros can boast of powdery white sand, the beaches in Dauin can not, and actually, don’t need to. Just like how Atmosphere Resorts has dark brown to greyish sand that’s also a little coarse. Because this condition is compensated by a world of beauty underneath – its reef!

If you’re feeling active, see for yourself the spectacular formation of this resort’s reef.




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Didn’t regret joining @atmosphereresorts for a spectacular snorkelling adventure. Look whom I found!!! . . . . . . . . #apoisland #campark4k #atmosphereresorts #atmosphereresortsandspa #dauin #dumaguete #turtle #seaturtle #pinaytravelblogger #pinayblogger #filipinablogger #snorkelling #excursions #itsmorefuninthephilippines #turtleturtle #gltlove #atmosphere #campark #camparkactioncamera #negrosoriental #underwatercamera

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6. Go for an island-hopping tour

One of the many activities offered at Atmosphere Resorts is the island-hopping excursion. You can book a day before the scheduled tour but it is best to book ahead of time.

Some island tours they provide involve whale shark and dolphin watching, a trip to Sumilon Island, Siquijor or Apo Island.

Our tour was on the third day of our stay. We went swimming with turtles around Apo Island. It was unforgettable. 

7. Spa

Atmosphere Resorts takes pride in its award-winning spa. It is one of the best spas in Asia, winning a prestigious award at the worldwide Luxury Spa Awards in 2017. With all efforts pointing toward helping you relax and enjoy your vacation, you’ll want to sample some of their wellness specialties: a variety of treatments such as massages, facials, specific detox spa treatments and full detox programs.

spa time
my two friends getting their complimentary welcome massage

8. Eat a lot and drink a lot (or not)

Good food can be found at various spots around the resort. Breakfast meals at the main restaurant are served buffet style. Those who prefer to cook inside their villas are free to do so. Those who want cultural immersion through cooking can also request for a cooking class. The pool bar opens most of the night.

Dinner at Atmosphere Resorts

In all our dining, I proved that the emphasis at Atmosphere Resort is service and luxury. The staff who assisted us, in particular, seemed to be genuinely excited to attend to our requests, including taking photos of us with our food.

Some friends who’ve visited this resort had positive remarks about the service and the food too!

9. Shop

If you want some souvenirs, you can shop at the resorts souvenir centre. You can buy local, handcrafted products such as bags, accessories, etc. You can also buy some resort merchandise such as rash guards, swimwear, shirts, tumblers, etc.




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Coral reefs are diverse and important marine ecosystems, supporting a wide array of wildlife. Unfortunately, corals don’t have it easy. Can you name at least one thing you can do to protect coral reefs? Photo by Beth Watson. #atmosphereresorts #igiveforward #givesforward #reducereuserecycle⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #atmosphereresort #divephilippines #diveresort #muck #macro #marinelife #uwphoto #underwaterphoto #scubadiving #underwaterphotography #divedauin #muckdiving #marinelife #coral #reef #reeflife #coralreef #paditv #diving #macrodiving #famousdivespot #luxurydiving #divespot #coralreefs #protectcoralreefs #protectwildlife ⠀

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10. Scuba dive

As you might expect in this property so close and accessible to the world-renowned Apo Island, many divers visit. It is also worth noting that some of the world’s rarest critters are found along Dauin coastline. The area is often frequented by underwater photographers in search of exquisitely rare shots.

Parting words

In the end, your time at the Atmosphere Resorts is meant to be a relaxation of all sorts. An extensive schedule of activities runs day and night but you’re not pressured to do them all. Refresh. Revitalize your mind and body by doing what you want—that includes doing the activities in this list or doing nothing at all!

What do you think of these activities? Have you ever been to negros? Do you want to go to this luxury resort? What activity do you like to do the most when you are on a vacation?