Travel around Bangkok with the friendliest local tour guide: Nim Nittaya


I met Nim Nittaya through Boom and Toom, our guides during the Tourism Authority of Thailand-Philippines Familiarization Tour in Bangkok. I had the best tour experience with Boom and Toom so whoever they recommend (especially people they said they’re good friends with), I highly anticipate the same if not better quality of service. To this day, I wanted to reach out and thank them for recommending Nim. 

Nim is everything I was looking for a local tour guide—friendly, knowledgeable about a place’s history, funny, attentive to our needs (kinda like a proper elder sister), comfortable to travel with, a conversant, and can take photos well!

Aren’t we just happy when we got some awesome photos!!!!
A group photo taken by Nim

Why travel with a local guide 

I highly recommend travelling with a local guide because by doing so, you will be able to ask as many questions as you want. If you want to understand the culture in food or history of a place, this is the most efficient way to learn. Consequently, travelling with a local guide will make you appreciate the trip a whole lot more.

When you travel with a local guide, you can personalize your tour to fit your interests and goals for the said trip. The tour guides can facilitate bookings/ reservations prior to your arrival thus offering you a hassle-free trip planning.

With them, you’ll get to explore places you can’t otherwise access without a local guide. Imagine if you go caving without a guide, it’s easy to turn the wrong way or hit your body parts onto something. Relatively, you travel more safely. Or at least they can help you out if something unexpected happens. There are several perks!

So the next time you travel, be with a local guide—in the case of a local guide for Bangkok trip, travel with Nim! Read this if you want to know other local guides/local tour agencies I highly recommend. These people have ended up being good friends of mine. Promised to support them as long as my blog lives (which means hopefully forever)!

Sawasdee Nim!!! She’s the lady in green top!

Have you ever travelled with a tour guide that made you regret your intent to support local business, that is, hiring them? Well, glad to say that with Nim, you’d feel otherwise. There would even be a great chance for your faith in humanity to be restored because Nim is one of those people in the hospitality industry who have a strong sense of work ethics, love for the country, and genuine care for the people they are travelling with.

In terms of professionalism, I’d say Nim is reliable. She can customize your itinerary according to your interests and budget. She won’t push for what’s only pre-arranged. If she knows you really want to visit a spot or do an activity which is not initially on the package, she’d coordinate and really try her best to fix an itinerary to make you satisfied. She’s connected to a lot of partner agencies, so her packages are also very competitive. Oh, if you are curious if she is a licensed guide, I’m telling you she is!

All other people who’ve travelled with Nim or hired her services would testify how efficient she is being capable to pull off an activity/ tour even at the very last minute. Again, she does this out of concern about creating an amazing experience for her clients. But if you can avoid rushing her (or any guides for that matter), it would be nice…

Read more reviews about Nim on TripAdvisor here.

Nim posing like a superhero! She’s fun! She has an infectious laugh too!

Contact Nim Nittaya

Here are several ways to connect to Nim.

You may send her a message through Facebook (also send her a friend request) at 

You can contact her through Line. Her ID is nimbangkok 

You may reach her local number +66830136976

Parting Words

There are incredible stories that came out of our Bangkok trip, many of which occurred in between the pre-arranged schedule. Looking back, I am quite happy we had our amazing local guide with us! Khàawp-khun mâak Nim Nittaya!

What do you like about local tour guides? What do you think about Nittaya? Are you planning to go to Bangkok soon? Do you also need a local tour guide? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you know some people looking for Bangkok local guides, do share this article to them. Thank you in advance!

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