You’re likely reading this article today because you have a WordPress blog or similar, and you’re desperately trying to monetize it. The thing is, you feel like your efforts have gone in vain because it’s not really making any money.

Sadly, it’s not an uncommon problem, and it’s one many people come across when trying to earn a passive income through their blogs and websites.

Not making any money from your website?

If you’re thinking of giving up and closing your blog, the best thing to do right now is stop. Instead of doing that, you must determine why your blog isn’t earning as much money as you expected and take some actionable steps to resolve the issue.

With that in mind, take a look at the following reasons why a monetized blog isn’t earning enough money:

1. You Haven’t Defined Your Audience

It might surprise some bloggers to know that the primary reason they aren’t earning enough money from their websites is down to their target audience – or lack of it.

Some bloggers might have general lifestyle blogs or ones aimed at specific niches like IT or construction, for instance. If you don’t know who should be reading your content, now is the time to think about that and craft your content towards that audience.

2. People Don’t Know About Your Blog

When people come across blogs they like, they usually don’t know about them from the outset.

What would have likely happened is they searched for something specific in Google or another search engine and came across a relevant blog post link in the search results pages.

If you search for the type of content on your blog, will people find it from a simple web search? If the answer is no, you need to work on your SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

It is important to use the right hosting for your website.

3. You’re Using The Wrong Hosting Platform

One of the reasons for blog monetization failure isn’t necessarily down to the content on the blog or whether it got optimized for search engines. Instead, it can be something as simple as the hosting platform in use.

For example, if you use WooCommerce on WordPress to sell things online as part of your blog monetization strategy, our recommended host can be a better bet than an unknown company with questionable reliability.

4. Your Content Isn’t Engaging With Your Audience

If you don’t like the stories you read in a newspaper, you’re unlikely to buy it again. If you don’t like the programs shown on a TV channel, you probably won’t watch that channel again.

Similarly, if a blog’s content doesn’t appeal to you, it’s unlikely you will visit that website again.

Make sure you have content that appeals to your target audience and engages with them. You should be passionate about what you write; don’t post up content for the sake of it.

5. You Aren’t Posting Much

Lastly, one of the reasons for poor monetization on any blog is when the owner seldom posts anything. Sure, you don’t need to post new content each day – especially if you’re the only person posting.

Parting Words

However, if you only write a couple of posts a year, you need to rethink whether having a blog is for you or not.