FOREO LUNA 3 Plus: A skincare hack


I got FOREO LUNA 3 Plus last year as a birthday present for myself, because friends told me great things about it. If you have seen me in person, you’d know how awful my skin could get at times. Truth be told, I used to be a carb-freak who loved eating sugar and subsequently got breakouts but didn’t care enough to change my diet, instead I kept on covering up pimples, blemishes, and other oil-related breakout issues altogether with a thick layer of makeup every time I leave the house. That said, I had never invested in anything for my skin, before I discovered holistic health and wellness.

I have dedicated posts for my holistic health journey that I’d be sharing with you in the coming days, but let me start with my skin and a skincare hack I found in FOREO LUNA 3 Plus.

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The FOREO LUNA 3 Plus At-a-Glance

How Does the FOREO LUNA 3 Plus Work?

How I Use FOREO LUNA 3 Plus

What I think about FOREO LUNA 3 Plus

The Final Verdict

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My skin is a combination of dry and oily. I am the type who doesn’t gain weight even after eating sweets or excessive carbohydrates but gets cystic acne afterwards. One of my blogger friends referred to my face as a map of The Hundred Islands. I don’t blame him. They kind of resemble big lumps of scattered islets across Lingayen Gulf. I almost hated my genes because I once read the primary cause behind dry, oily skin is simply genetics.

I almost didn’t wanna go out every time I had breakouts (which was practically all the time)!!!

my skin condition with acne through the years
My acne-ridden face through the years

2010 – Breakout got worse because of my pregnancy

2011 – Face cleared a bit

2012 – Face was very oily, got occasional huge pimples on forehead or nose, I used some Korean products

2013 – 2014 Skincare kept on changing, smaller pimples add to occasional cystic breakouts

2015 – 2017 The most awful skin I had (so I thought), breakout on the jaw line and neck. Was exfoliating but by this time I had given up on skincare

2018 – couldn’t really get out without make up…. felt my skin was getting worse and worse, dreaded beach trips with fellow bloggers… always needed lots of makeup and thick coverage

2019 – Breakouts hit me harder than a breakup. This got me depressed, affected my self-esteem, I had dermabrasion, skin cleared for some time

2020 – I used tea tree oil on my face and some skin products I got from blog ex deals, my face got back to breaking out

2021 – Last year was the turning point… I thought something must be wrong with me because I exercise often but a slight fast food binge would drive my pimples haywire… When I got pregnant again, I forced myself to change my diet and eat less sugar. My skin got a bit clearer but as I progress in my conception, my hormones made my breakout THE WORST.

After my unsuccessful pregnancy, I made a commitment to myself to live a holistic healthy lifestyle. Not just workout at the gym regularly but really be mindful of what my mind, body, and soul needs, hence I made sure I get adequate quality sleep NO MATTER WHAT, drink lots of water, go on a diet that works for my system (in that sense KETO DIET), have regular detox and cleansing, meditate, supplement my nutritional to support my active lifestyle, AND invest in skincare products that will give the most mileage out of my “beauty money” spent.

I purchased Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk eye cream, collagen booster, natural green tea toner, FOREO Serum Serum Serum, Foreo Microfoam cleanser, FOREO Bear, and FOREO LUNA 3 Plus.

I have blog posts about Nature Republic products – not sponsored posts. I just think some of their products are really effective and best fit for those who want vegan, cruelty-free, natural cosmetics and beauty products.

I also have a review of the LUNA Bear in this separate blog post.

The FOREO LUNA 3 Plus At-a-Glance

Would be dumb to say that FOREO Luna 3 Plus had me at the purple color LOL But seriously, I was psyched that for my skin type, the purple FOREO Luna 3 Plus was the right device. I love that color. Look at the image below 🙂

My FOREO Luna 3 Plus in purple color (for sensitive skin)

FOREO Luna 3 Plus claims to have unparalleled thermal cleansing.

It’s T-Sonic pulsations and long, soft, silicone touchpoints work together with their Thermo-and microcurrent technology to provide a deep, yet gentle heated cleansing and firming massage.

Okay. So I mentioned heated cleansing. I just want to also point out that heat as the most essential part of an effective cleansing routine is difficult to manipulate manually. But with FOREO Luna 3 Plus, heat is being generated at the optimal temperature for a deep, thorough, and safe cleanse.

As per the T-Sonic Pulsations, the FOREO Luna 3 plus provide 8,000 pulsations per minute at 16 different speeds—this helps to effectively remove unwanted dirt, oil and makeup residue from skin.

This is why I got FOREO Luna 3 Plus. Because the impurities, excess oil makeup residue, and pollution particles that accumulate on my skin daily really need high performance cleansers.

The reverse side of FOREO Luna 3 Plus has two metal pins target specific areas on the face that show signs of aging. Both of the thermal touchpoints on frontside and backside use microcurrent or low-level electrical energy to help firm and plump the skin. The 8 thermal touchpoints at the front heat up fast and help melt down stubborn makeup residue, dirt, and excess oil.

FOREO Luna 3 Plus is 100% waterproof so you need not worry if some parts are getting wet. This is the last thing you have to concern about anyhow LOL to keep certain parts of your cleansing device dry. But yeah, again, FOREO Luna 3 Plus is 100% waterproof.

A month into using FOREO LUNA 3 plus… I could already tell the difference it had made into my cute Filipina face haha

How to use FOREO Luna 3 Plus

FOREO Luna 3 plus guarantees skin purification, firming, and tightening in just 2 simple steps. It’s pretty smart too.

First, unlock and register your device for first time use, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and then press the universal button on your LUNA 3 plus to sync to the FOREO app.

Everything you need to know about FOREO LUNA 3 Plus device is also in the FOREO Mobile APP

I use FOREO Luna 3 plus in the morning and night time. I lather my face with the micro-foam cleanser then I click from the app list of options ‘Start Cleansing’. As soon as I tap this option, FOREO Luna 3 Plus pulsates, then I begin with my cleansing. A video on the app demonstrates where to place the device and how to move it to get the best results from the cleanse. You’ll also know when you’re done because the cleanse demo ends and the FOREO Luna 3 Plus automatically turns off.

After the cleanse, I rinse off, pat my face dry, apply FOREO Serum Serum Serum and eye cream.

BTW it is best to use FOREO Serum Serum Serum because not only it hydrates effectively but it also safely transfers microcurrent from the FOREO Luna 3 Plus to the skin.

After I am done with my facial cleanse, I ready myself to use my FOREO Bear.

At the top of the app’s home screen is a little picture of the LUNA 3 Plus device, and when you click onto that, you get a list of options.

Every other day, I click into ‘Treatments’ and follow a Full Facial Toning video demo as I apply the Serum Serum Serum onto my neatly washed face. I begin the treatment. This time I switch to the backside of FOREO Luna 3 Plus. Also, I play relaxing music on the background and call this time of day my spa moment at home.

3 months of using FOREO Luna 3 Plus

What I think about FOREO Luna 3 Plus

I couldn’t be happier that I invested in FOREO Luna 3 Plus. This and my shift to holistic healthy living are what I would call my skincare hack that not only stored my confidence but also changed my life for the better.

These days, I can go out WITHOUT any makeup on. I just apply sunscreen and I am good to go. It saved me time in the morning or for when I needed to go out because putting on makeup can also be time-consuming.

I am happier too because in my mind, I know I am really caring for my skin well, right, and often. I feel it and it shows.

Physically, I have some dried pimple marks left but you’d see in the before and after picture, there’s been a HUGE change. No more breakouts each day too.

My skin felt thoroughly smooth the entire day and it looks radiant.

My face also feels tighter; my under-eye is not baggy, I don’t look tired anymore. I read that as soon as we enter our twenties, our skin gradually begins to slow its collagen production. I am 35 years old and I know my skin health requires maintaining now more than ever. FOREO Luna 3 Plus is my hack for this. Since it uses microcurrents that stimulate and kick-start the production of adenosine triphosphate in cells which in turn stimulates collagen production. It’s really good for keeping young, supple, healthy skin.

Final Verdict for FOREO Luna 3 Plus

This device is an excellent skincare investment I am happy to share to my followers and blog readers. If you want a next-level indulgent skincare ritual that lifts your mood and your facial skin health (more like a fitness workout for your face), FOREO Luna 3 Plus is the perfect device for you. You can use it at home, at your office, when you are on the road traveling, anywhere and anytime; FOREO Luna 3 plus puts the power of beauty into your own hands.

Where to buy FOREO Luna 3 Plus

You can purchase FOREO LUNA 3 Plus here

Remember, your skin is a window to your health. It will show if you are caring for your skin enough. If you are on a journey to getting healthier skin or living a holistic healthy lifestyle, I hope this post helps you get in that direction. Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you know anyone who could benefit from this post, do share 🙂

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