People travel and hop from one place to another for various reasons. Others do it for pleasure while some need to go on a long trip for work or business. Whether you plan a long road trip with your family or you are on your way to a business-related engagement in a faraway place, staying away from boredom is a trick to make your trip enjoyable. Online games are good companions while traveling!

Good thing there are many entertaining online games that you can play while traveling and one notable website is Solitaire.Org which you can easily access on your laptop or mobile devices’ browser.

Here are some of the best browser online games you can play while traveling anywhere in the world:

Battleships Armada Logic Puzzle Game

Playing battleship games on your mobile device is an exciting activity to do while traveling. With simplified gameplay in a classic battleship graphics layout, this logic puzzle game will keep you entertained while challenging you mentally.

The objective of this battleship online game is to strategically position your ships on the playing grid to evade being hit by the enemy. Each turn you are given 3 hits to launch your missiles on the areas on the grid without seeing your enemy’s battleships. This game is all about instincts and strategic positioning.

Daily Sokoban – Logic Puzzle Game

Sokoban on Solitaire.Org website appears to have a simple graphic layout in a maze-type playfield. But don’t get fooled since it may look very simple, but this online game while traveling is mentally challenging. The idea is to move the boxes on the targeted ‘x’ mark by controlling a cute yellow tractor along the maze. Players could not pull the boxes since the only motion is to move forward. One must have good analytical skills to finish a task. This game is addicting and can test your mental skills and patience too! 


Word games

With the advancement of technology, online video games are constantly evolving but the classic ones are here to stay to entertain both young and old.

Word games at Solitaire.Org website are daily offering that mostly features classic all-time favorite games such as Crossword, Word Search, and Wordoku, which is very similar to Sudoku, the only difference is that you are using letters instead of numbers. Word search game are perfect if you are searching for a more valuable game that not only amuse you but also engage your mind while traveling.

For some, the word search game online may appear to be boring but this game actually has a lot to offer other than just killing away time. Wonder why this game remained popular after many decades? It has key benefits making this classic word game a good choice for a lot of people, especially the globe trotters.

Parting Words

Online games are great for downtime. They are a great distraction when you have to sit and wait for your flight. When a day of sightseeing seems tiring and traveling seems overwhelming, playing online video games is a fantastic way to pass the time.