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Last night, I was fortunate to attend the “MASTER YOUR STRESS” seminar featuring the esteemed naturopathic doctor and international best-selling author, Dr. Doni Wilson. This enlightening event was made possible by Healthy Options, and I felt a deep sense of appreciation for securing a seat. (For those interested, Healthy Options regularly hosts such events, and becoming a Gold Member offers a substantial 50% discount on registration fees – something worth considering.)

The evening commenced with Mr. Romy Sia, the Managing Director of Healthy Options, taking the stage. His warm welcome set the tone for the night, and he extended a gracious acknowledgment to their valued partner laboratory, New Generation Wellness. Following this, Mr. Kyle Brown, the CEO of New Generation Wellness, delivered a concise presentation, offering an illuminating glimpse into the meticulous process behind crafting Healthy Options products. From sourcing the finest ingredients to the product’s creation, labeling, and packaging, a commitment to high-quality was abundantly evident.

Then, Mr. Sia seamlessly transitioned into introducing the star of the evening, Dr. Doni. The highlight of the event? An in-depth exploration of Dr. Doni’s latest literary masterpiece, “MASTER YOUR STRESS, RESET YOUR HEALTH.” This book is her brainchild, representing a Stress Recovery Protocol that she has meticulously refined over a considerable span of time.

The Origin Story

Dr. Doni’s journey into the world of stress began with her personal endeavor to find relief from her migraine—according to her, an affliction she battled for years. Through her medical trainings and researches, learned that stress isn’t about avoidance; it’s about identification and understanding. She beautifully encapsulated the essence of stress by stating that it is a reason “why we are alive, we survive, we create, we have a purpose.”

Dr. Doni Wilson dives into her struggles with migraines and how it pushed her to unravel the mysteries of stress

The Science Behind Stress

Simplifying the complexities of human anatomy for easy understanding, Dr. Doni touched upon the production of stress hormones. She explained how our bodies churn out this double-edged sword. These hormones can either be our allies or our downfalls, depending on the balance. For example, during childbirth, an optimal level of stress hormones can facilitate a smoother process. However, an imbalance—either an excess or deficiency—can lead to complications.

The Roadmap to Beating Stress

Here’s where Dr. Doni’s Stress Recovery Protocol comes in. Think of it as a three-tiered approach:

PHASE 1. Get Out of Stress Mode:

Recognize the red flags of stress and find what soothes you. For some, it could be supplements like 5HTP, GABA, and Theanine or a simple evening walk in nature (maybe with your pet puppy).

PHASE 2. Rebalance:

This phase emphasizes restoring equilibrium in various body systems. Dr. Doni recommends several supplements to aid in this restoration, from Glutamine for leaky gut healing to CoQ10 for mitochondrial support.

PHASE 3. Maintain Resilience:

Here, the focus shifts to ensuring daily foundational nutrient intake and establishing a ‘stress toolbox’ to combat everyday stressors.

The foundational nutrients important to take are: Multivitamins, Omega 3 fish oil, Magnesium, Vitamin D (and K2), Collagen, and proteins.

Dr. Doni further advocated for her signature “SELF-C.A.R.E.” regimen to bolster resilience.

SELF-C.A.R.E. — Dr. Doni’s Recipe

One of my favorite bits was Dr. Doni’s simple yet effective SELF-C.A.R.E. approach:

C – Clean Eating 

To optimize stress reduction through diet, consider foods that:

– Minimize inflammation

– Regulate blood sugar

– Boost antioxidant intake

– Offer essential nutrients

– Foster healthy gut bacteria

A – Adequate Sleep

Aim for 7.5 to 9 hours of restful sleep, allowing your brain to access the healing delta wave. The majority of the body’s repair work happens during deep, quality sleep.

Prioritize a bedtime around 10pm and cultivate a conducive sleep environment. Tackle any factors that may interrupt your slumber.

R – Recovery Activities

Engage in restorative practices to rejuvenate. Whether it’s playful moments with your pets, soaking in nature’s tranquility, practicing breathwork, journaling, or meditating, these activities serve as vital counterweights to stress’s impacts.

E – Exercise

Tailor your workouts to your specific stress type. Pay heed to your body’s signals; avoid pushing to the point of exhaustion, especially if you sense your body resisting.

What’s Your Stress Type

Dr. Doni made it clear – stress isn’t a one-size-fits-all hat. By diving into her stress quiz, you can find out what type of stress speaks to you. Once you’ve got that down, navigating the stormy seas becomes a tad easier.

You can take the stress quiz here:

Parting Words

To my dear readers and followers, last night’s seminar was an eye-opener. Dr. Doni reminded us that stress isn’t the same for everyone. Taking her advice to heart could lead us down a path to a healthier and more balanced life.

For all who’ve felt burdened by the world’s demands—and let’s face it, that’s most of us—Dr. Doni offers enlightening perspectives. If this brief overview has sparked your curiosity, I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore Dr. Doni’s book or tune into her enlightening podcast. Such insights are invaluable, especially in navigating the challenges of our era!!!

Thank you for reading this article, if you find this useful, do share!!!

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