White Island in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro


I have been to several places called “White Beach” but “White Island”, I’ve never been to any. Apparently, here in San Jose, there is a little tract of land, surrounded by unsurprisingly clear waters, named White Island. The locals fondly call it “Manadi” which means “Sudden Appearance” as it’s said to have suddenly appeared decades ago.

White Island or Manadi Beach in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro (Photo from DOT)

Sure enough, the island looks much different from Sikatuna Beach which has greyish sand. Seeing it from afar, I can tell it does look like a white island.

But as you can see from my photos on the island, the sand is neither powdery nor white. It is more creamy beige with plenty of crushed corals. But that is not to say it isn’t pretty. The sand, the waters, and the view are all equally beautiful!

me sitting on an old driftwood by the shore… sir teddy cued me to pose so I tried… 

As I’ve mentioned, here in Manadi or White Island, crushed corals are abundant. It helps to wear slippers especially while walking along the shore.

Since there is an abundance of corals, the area is perfect for snorkelling or even scuba diving!

Well, I think professional divers would agree Mindoro has rich marine biodiversity, anyone can enjoy diving or snorkelling practically anywhere.

a cottage to rent… there are at least 3 cottages around the island… It’s best to bring a tent or picnic umbrella

If you plan a short stay on White Island, you can rent cottages for PHP300. There is also an entrance fee for each tourist: Php50.

What to do here?

You can have a good short transit stay here. Try to snorkel or go diving for an hour or so.

You can relax, lounge by the beach, get at suntan, read or just listen to music or the waves as you let the day go by.

You can eat your lunch here. Just remember to bring your own food and drinks as there are no shops on the island.

You can camp with your own tent. Watching the sunset or stargazing at night can be a romantic activity to do here.

glamorous sleeping on Manadi Beach or White Island, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

How to get to Manadi Beach?

You can rent a pump boat from Sikatuna Beach for a day of island-hopping.

The rate is around Php6,000 for 30 people. I asked our boatman how many islands can be visited for a day. He said about 3-4 depending on where to go and how long the stay for each island would be. Entrance fees for islands, cottage fees, food or snorkelling rental fees are not included in the Php6000. It’s just for the boat rental fee.

A 10-minute boat ride from Sikatuna brings you to White Island or Manadi Beach.

Us getting ready to get on the boat at Sikatuna Beach, photographed by Sir Teddy Pelaez

I recommend you contact the tourism office to schedule a tour.

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Contact San Jose Tourism Office

You may contact San Jose Tourism Office here:

Office Address: Municipal Compound, Rizal St., Brgy. 7 San Jose, Mindoro Occidental, Philippines

Mobile no.: 0929 448 8315

Email address: sjtourism@yahoo.com.ph

Loving this old driftwood on White Island, more locally known as Manadi Beach

Parting Words

Easy to reach, laid-back, alluring tiny island, Manadi Beach or White Island should be in your San Jose island-hopping adventure list. There may be a little to do on this island, but a short visit is an impressive opportunity to enjoy the fine natural wonders of the sea and the sand in this part of San Jose!

What do you think of this island? Do you want to visit here? Have you been to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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