Here is a review of the Interior Choice Jelary Blackout Curtain we got from SM HOME at SM North EDSA.


The price per panel is 1799.00 pesos but it was on sale so we got a discounted price of 1499 each.


The length of this curtain is 96 inches or 8 feet. The width is 3 feet.


The fabric is thick enough. I remember the sales staff mentioned that it has rubber built into it which helps with creating the complete darkness in the room. Blackout curtains  like this also reduces energy cost as they have the ability to reflect heat out of the room especially during hot summer days. 


To be honest, I think these curtains are expensive and not really the best that one could use for room darkening due to large grommets or the ring area at the top.

That said, these curtains with large grommets will work for windows with curtains that go all the way through the ceiling. Also in windows with rods that hang a few inches past the window frame. 

But for typical windows like ours, this may still work with a quick DIY fix. 

We decided to just get one per window and stretch the entire curtain from end to end of the window frame.

So here you can see the darkness of the room. There’s just little light coming out from the sides. But overall, the curtains served its purpose by blocking the light and creating the darkness that we need especially when the building across from our tower continues its construction at night time.

But I think I’d only pay 1000 pesos for each panel not really happy spending 1500 but we couldn’t find any other blackout curtain at the department store and we are too instant gratification-driven to order form Shopee where other blackout curtains sell for about 800per panel.

Parting Words

Blackout curtains are a worthwhile investment if you want to ensure you get your best night’s sleep. Before purchasing blackout curtains, take the time to research reviews for the product you are considering. As for these Interior Choice Jelary Blackout Curtains, keep in mind the top and sides have large overlap area. As long as your windows have a rod that’s a few inches past the window frame, these curtains will satisfy your needs. It’s also not bad with a DIY quick fix.