The air is different around the holidays. There’s something special about the crisp air, the twinkle of lights, and the heartwarming traditions we look forward to each year. Personally, I’ve always believed that this festive magic is best enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee in hand. For me, nothing complements this magic better than a steaming cup of coffee. And guess what? Celebrating two decades of rich tradition, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) Philippines seems to think so too! If you’re an avid coffee lover like myself, buckle up, because CBTL’s latest unveiling is the ultimate holiday treat!

A Grand Reveal in the Heart of Cebu

The unveiling was anything but ordinary. Hosted at CBTL’s spanking new branch in Banilad, Cebu City, the place buzzed with an electrifying blend of anticipation and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Designed meticulously to showcase the festive range, the ambiance was accentuated with a red-carpet photo zone and a photo booth, ensuring everyone got their Instagram-worthy moments. Amidst this setting, it was hard to tell if the buzz was from the coffee or the palpable excitement.

Delightful Brews: The Cookie Ice Blended Series

At the forefront of this holiday collection is the “Cookie Ice Blended Series.” Comprising of three delightful drinks:

  1. White Cookie Vanilla – This isn’t your average vanilla. With a hint of cookie goodness, it’s a fresh twist on a classic flavor.
  2. Matcha Cookie – The serene subtlety of matcha combined with a cookie’s sweet crunch? Yes, please!
  3. Double Chocolate Cookie – For those who believe there’s no such thing as too much chocolate.

Each sip felt like a dance of flavors, leaving me eagerly awaiting the next.

A Slice of Festive Cheer

But what’s a coffee without a treat on the side? CBTL doesn’t disappoint. With:

  1. Choco Moist Cake – A delight for chocolate lovers, with a moist, rich texture that melts in your mouth.
  2. Red Velvet Cake – Its creamy richness embodies the festive spirit.

The Tumblers: More than Just Containers

But it wasn’t just about the drinks and cakes. The “Limited Holiday Collection” of tumblers caught my attention, and, dare I say, stole my heart.

  1. Daydream – Aptly named, it evokes a sense of serenity and wonder.
  2. Gold Rush – For those who love a touch of elegance with their brew.
  3. Starlight – My personal favorite! Made from BPA-free stainless steel, it comes with a secure spout and the option to use a straw. Whether it’s a cold brew or a hot espresso, this tumbler keeps the drink at the desired temperature for an astounding 10-12 hours. Plus, zero spillage! Perfect for those road trips or long working hours.

Voyage in Atlas: The Stylish Coffee Companion

Another eye-catching revelation was the “Voyage in Atlas” – a sleek, chic bag that seamlessly marries style and function. With two pockets and compartments specially designed for tumblers, it’s perfect for the modern coffee lover. My MacBook snugly fits in, while the shoulder strap adds a touch of casual style.

A little trivia: the unveiling was not just about display. A scavenger hunt ensued, and to my sheer delight, I won two tumblers!!!!

Collect and Celebrate!

Come October 27th, every coffee run to CBTL becomes even more rewarding. Collect 20 stamps and you might just bag some of these holiday specials. What better way to round off the year?!

Final Thoughts

With the days getting shorter and the nights longer, CBTL’s holiday collection is the perfect companion to light up our festive spirits. From the delectable brews and treats to the stylish tumblers and bags, it’s clear that CBTL has poured a lot of thought and love into crafting this collection. It’s not just about the products but the experience and memories they promise.

If you’re as excited as I am, let’s come together and dive into this festive journey. After all, the best parts of the holidays are the moments we share and the memories we create. Here’s to enjoying the CBTL’s holiday specials #AllTogetherNow. Cheers!