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Truth be told, my ideal beach getaway would be to park myself under a colorful
umbrella and read my favorite book; I’d occasionally soak myself in the waters,
if not my feet, in the sand. But then there are plenty of things to enjoy
especially when I am in Boracay island. So in this trip, I decided to get out
of the shade, have my skin sun-kissed and try as many fun things as I can.

First on the list is Parasailing.

I had never gone parasailing before and neither had any of my companions, until this day.

We got up at around 8 in the morning, prepared our stuff, took our breakfast and headed to the boat pick-up location.

members of our Boracay getaway

Parasail Crew

Prior to that day, I managed to contact a reputable crew for the said activity. His name is Rey Monteza if I remember correctly. We fondly called him Kuya Rey (contact him through this number: +63939-173-5417).

He and his team offered outdoor activities at the most reasonable rates:

Island hopping (for 3 hours) – Php 1200 for the whole group

Snorkeling (in three different sites) – Php 100 per head

Parasailing (15 minutes) – Php 850 to Php 1000 per head

Helmet Diving – Php 300 per head

Go Cart (for 30 minutes) – Php 1000 per head

The rates for foreigners are more expensive though:

On the way to the Parasail location

After breakfast, around 10:30 AM, we met Kuya Rey in front of La Carmela Executive Wing and left off with one of these cool trics (tricycles)!

It was about 10 minute ride from the hotel to the boat pick-up station.

We paid Php 75.00 fare for 7 people including Kuya Rey.

When we arrived at the Bulabog Watersports Beach, I paid the 5,000 peso fee for 5 people–4 adults and one 9 year old kawaii girl.

The speedboat was there waiting to take us to the parasailing location in the middle of the waters.

Getting all ready for the Parasail!

The crew assisted us in wearing the life jacket and the parascender. As you can see in our photos below, we were strapped in seats attached to a specially designed (in our case) yellow smiley parachute, also called as the parasail wing. 

Then slowly, the boat drove off, carrying the parasail into the air. 

It wasn’t scary for me though. The experience was exhilarating. It flew us altitudes high enough to have panoramic views of the island!

Parasailing up up and away

Up there, everything seemed peaceful. Beautiful. Serene. The sky, the blue waters, the islets, the boats, the other colorful parasails–this view and the feel of the air in my skin are the most unforgettable.

I certainly loved my parasailing experience so much that I didn’t want it to end… I’ll sure go back to Boracay next time and try this over again.

Photos here were taken mostly by Darleng, me and my friends using Darleng’s camera

Want to go parasailing?

If you plan to spend holidays in Boracay, try to include Parasailing in your activities. I recommend you contact Kuya Rey and his crew to assist you with it and other fun marine activities you can do in the beautiful island. Again, here is his contact number: +63939-173-5417.


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What do you think about parasailing? Do you wanna try it? Or have you tried it before? What other activities do you recommend to do in the beach? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!