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Another great activity to do in Boracay is island-hopping. The sail usually lasts for 3-5 hours depending on your rented crew and THE weather.

In my recent post, I recommended contracting Kuya Rey for most Boracay outdoor activities like Parasailing, Zorb, Helmet diving, Fish, Horseback-riding, Cliff diving, Go Kart, Kayaking, etc (Click here for the PRICE and relevant details); he and his crew offer safe enjoyment at cheaper price.

On our third day in Boracay, we tried to island-hop.

an island to discover

The whole activity took 4 hours:

1) 1 hour snorkeling at two different sites: 

(a) Crocodile Island 

(b) Bulabog beach area

2) 1 hour lunch at another island 

3) around 1 hour boat ride from one island to another

4) 1 hour travel to and from the pick-up station (that is the Bulabog Watersports Beach located at the back of the White Beach).

hello to some tourists who’d just finished their dive

Again, our tricycle fare from LA CARMELA DE BORACAY to the pick-up station was P75.00 for 7 people. Arriving there, we needed to register our names first and render the payment:

Island-hopping – Php 1200 for the whole group

Snorkeling – Php 100 per head

Helmet Diving – Php 300 per head

Fish feeds (6 packs of bread) – Php 60 

Environmental fee – Php 100 for the whole group

*the bread is important so fish would be attracted into your snorkeling spots

Island Hopping Tips

1. Bring towels or anything to keep you warm… sailing after you snorkel could leave you vulnerable to cold.

2. Bring plastic bags where you can put your belongings… the boat floor is mostly wet. Unless your bags are waterproof, you might want to bring extra plastic bags.

3. Buy water and snacks before you hop in. You might be hungry. Although some vendors on boat also sell along the way (i.e. Buko juice and Ice ream), it’s safe to at least bring a bottle of drinking water. 

4. Bring water-proof cameras! You don’t wanna miss the extraordinary beauty offered by abundant fish and corals down there….

5. Always hold on the rope. Even if you can swim, sometimes the current would go terribly wrong so to avoid any accidents, don’t let go of the rope.

6. Follow what your guide tells you. They know the sea better.

7. Be friendly to them and try to treat them lunch as well or at least buy them something to drink. 

8. Always smile and be grateful.

9. Above all else, pray. In anything you do, acknowledge God’s power, give thanks and ask for guidance.

Hope this post helps! 

And if you have other tips feel free to share down the comment section! 

Photos here were taken mostly by Darleng, me and my friends using Darleng’s camera