Dating in your 40s may seem intimidating whether you’ve been single for a while or just newly-single again after x number of years.  

However, by the time you’re in your 40s, it’s likely that you know yourself better by now. You already have a better idea of what you want or don’t want in a relationship or a date.

Being single in your 40s means you have more experience and confidence under your belt to try new things. You can even try dating sites or social networking platforms like WE LOVE DATES that let you meet like-minded people. Here are some fun date ideas to explore.

1. Play some pool or go bowling. 

Doing something light and comfortable like playing pool or bullying is a great activity to get things started on a fun, laid-back note. It’s a perfect time not to take yourself too seriously, and enjoy the game. No need to worry about any first date awkwardness when you’re both busy trying to get some balls or pins. It also serves as a good jump off point to a dinner date after, or end it there when it’s not working out.

2. Go to a museum or art exhibition

With age comes culture and class–or maybe not, and that’s okay. Make the trip to the museum more enjoyable by making fun of the art or the ridiculous youngsters who only went there to take selfies. You can get to know more about each other while walking around a quiet place surrounded by art. You can then proceed to a dinner date after, or grab a drink together if you hit it off.

3. Visit a winery or a brewery

Experience different kind of first date drinks by visiting a winery or a microbrewery. Learn something new and interesting about your date. It’s not always a good idea to have alcohol on dates if you want to get to know a person, but in this case, it’s perfectly acceptable. Experiencing a ‘first’ with your partner can bring you two closer.

4. Watch a concert at the park

Listening to good music that you both enjoy will take away any awkwardness. It’s a good icebreaker because it will give you something to talk about. Some songs may bring back memories of your ex, so make sure not to bring that up. It’s not nice to talk about excess baggage on the first date. Just enjoy the music, your date and the crowd. You’ll have the duration of the concert to decide whether you like your date enough to go for a second date or part ways after the show.

5. Play nostalgic boardgames 

There’s nothing like playing childhood boardgames to give two people a common connection. There are now coffee shops and restaurants that offer boardgames and some card games, too. This provides a fun, light mood to your date. You can reminisce about the common points of your childhood and get to know each other at the same time. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show your personality.

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Giving your time to shelter animals needing a little more love not only helps the animals but also allows you to see a different side of the person. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals and potential pets. Compassion for animals and people is an important trait. This may be a good idea for a second or third date.

7. Watch a documentary and discuss afterwards.

This may sound like a very serious date, but it could be a great opportunity for you to learn about each other’s insights on particular topics. It’s a great way to learn about important topics while discovering how the other person would handle it if your opinion didn’t agree with theirs. If you do agree with each other’s views, then you might have more things in common and would give you more material to talk about.

8. Go on a picnic and watch the sunset

If you live near a beach or a park, you can set up a small picnic for a lovely, intimate evening. Earn plus points if you can show off your cooking skills. Spending more time talking and getting to know each other will benefit you both. After all, at this age, who still wants to spend another night in a noisy bar where you can barely hear each other?

Parting Words

Dating is discovering more things about the other person and how he or she could fit into your life while discovering new things about yourself at the same time. When you’re 40 or older, dating isn’t that much different from when you were younger. Only this time, you are more confident, adventurous, and more mature.

What do you think about these dating ideas? What kind of date activity would you rather prefer? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you so much! Please share this article if you find this helpful!