Traditional Foot Massage at Thai Odyssey


For someone wishing to relax in between flights, whether mentally or physically, a traditional foot massage in Thai Odyssey at GATEWAY KLIA2 will surely do the trick.

at the reception…

Thai Odyssey at Gateway KLIA2

Thai Odyssey assures a spa experience that will nurture both
the body and soul. Guests can immerse in an authentic Thai spa experience with
professionally-trained therapists, botanically derived products, aromatic atmosphere,
and a serene spa ambiance. 

who likes tea?

The facilities at Thai Odyssey are stylish, modern, and modestly vibrant, all inspired by rich Thai culture. Guests who walk in can relax and enjoy a sip of tea at the reception lounge while waiting (or like me can sit on the comfortable couch, utilize the fast wifi and work with my laptop). If you want to avoid waiting, you can set your own schedule by booking online.

Massage lounge chairs

60 Minute Traditional Foot Massage

Before my flight to Manila, I decided to try Thai Odyssey’s 60 minute traditional foot massage. I walked in and paid the service fee. The receptionist kept my luggage in the storage room and offered me some tea. I waited at the lounge area.

The service began with an invigorating foot scrub. The massage therapist washed my feet and dried them with a soft towel. Afterwards, I followed her to the reflexology room. 

foot scrub

The room is dimly lit and fragrant. It has a couple of massage lounge chairs, towels, interior accents and lamps; the background music is calming…

During the massage, the therapist gently applied acupressure
to the reflex points on my feet. She said it helps remove toxins and stiffness…

I thought it was deeply relaxing!

happy feet

In between the massage you can drink more tea…

care for some more tea


Thai Odyssey’s 60 minute foot massage at RM 77.40  (PHP 860) was the best foot massage I have ever had so far! No doubt they are No. 1 in Thai Massage… I highly recommend the traditional foot massage as well as their aromatic therapy massageClick here to know about Thai Odyssey’s other spa services and branches

my awesome and friendly Thai masseuse
happy me after the foot massage

At Thai Odyssey, waiting in between flights can be ultimately relaxing! 

Have you tried Thai foot massage? Would you want to try it at Thai Odyssey? Let me know your thoughts below!

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