Adventure Holiday Ideas in Australia & Oceania

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Surrounded by Indian, South and Pacific Ocean there is
one incredible
island called Australia
. Its perfect climate and countless natural beauties
are incredibly alluring to tourists. You have wildlife on your mind; come to
Australia. Nature; same. Adventure; oh hell yes. Especially now, when the
adventure holidays are extremely popular, is the perfect time to visit and
explore this fabulous country.

Best outdoor activities in Australia

1. Get wet and swim with sharks at Ningaloo Reef or Port

NINGALOO REEF – Every year between April and July,
beautiful whale sharks migrate to this reef. Trust me on this one, there is
almost nothing as amazing as swimming with these magnificent giants. And just
to be clear, you have nothing to be afraid of – they only eat planktons.

PORT LINCOLN – the story is a bit different here, as you are cage diving and
observing sharks that are swimming by. There are many different ways to entice
them close to the boat, and the safest one is by music. If you are lucky, you
will spot some great white ones.

2. Go camping

Since many capital cities have huge campsites and hiking
areas – this is an experience you must try out. It is perfect for those who are
on a budget since majority of campsites are free. Just picture this scene: you
and your darling are sitting all alone, curled up in blankets with only the sky
above you, having some tea and making some s’mores. I don’t think there is
anything more romantic than this.

3. Play golf

If you are not much of an adventure type, you can always visit a golf club in Sydney. There
are many different golf clubs with all kinds of sceneries (golfing by the
forest, by the sea etc.), which makes your experience even more relaxing. So
what are you waiting for? Take your golf clubs and enjoy some world class golf.

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4. Admire the beauty of Karijini National Park

Here you can see some breathtaking sceneries. Karijini
national park is home of the oldest rocks, termite mounds and gorges with
pools. You will be enchanted by these hidden pools and incredible rocks so
much, that you will think you teleported on the other planet.

5. Bush Bashing

Since the northern territory of Australia, or Litchfield
National park to be precise, is filled with amazing natural attractions like
huge termite mounds, waterfalls and swimming pools, it is of course a must-see

6. Hike over Kings canyon near Uluru

This canyon isn’t as famous as Uluru, but it is
definitely equally spectacular. There are 2 different hiking trails to choose
from, depending on your fitness level. If you take the easy route you will hike
2km along the creek bed, while the other, harder one, takes you 6km around the
Canyon’s Rim. Of course, the second one offers you better scenery and colours.
Just make sure that you don’t forget your sunscreen and water. Also, you might
want to start as early as possible since it can get really hot there.

7. Climb the Sydney Harbour bridge

This is made for all the fellow adrenaline junkies out
there. Sydney Harbour bridge is one of the biggest and most popular bridges on
Earth, and the stunning view of Sydney Harbour will blow your mind. You will
stand 134m above the sea level where you will experience the best panoramic
view of your life.

Sydney Harbour bridge:

Best outdoor activities in Oceania

1. Get your adrenaline flowing in Queenstown New Zealand

That’s right, I’m talking about Bungee Jumping. You can’t
leave New Zealand without having at least one adrenaline rush experience there,
it is an unwritten rule that must be followed. You will find many different
Bungee places including Kawarau Bridge. The experience of freefalling 43 meters
with the beautiful turquoise river under you will definitely be the most
exciting moment of your life.

2. Hike to Milford Sound – New Zealand

No bears, no snakes, just 35 miles of stunning sceneries,
micro climates and rain forests. Or you can choose an easy, 3 day-long hike
along the Routeburn Track

New Zealand hiking, Source:

3. Rafting – New Zealand

It is freezing, it is scary, it is mortifying – it is one
of the best experiences you will ever have in your entire life.

4. Dive in Fiji or Vanuatu

FIJI – enjoy the view of the most beautiful and colourful
corals on the 70m long Rainbow reef. You will be so enchanted, that you will
probably get lost but, you know, it doesn’t matter.

VANUATU – In this clear water you will see many shipwrecks and enjoy the
abundance of underwater life.

That would be it. I hope you will have a wonderful time
in Australia and Oceania, enjoy the breathtaking views and get your adrenaline

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