I used to cringe when I see posts headlining “Instagrammable sites” as if blogs only encourage people to visit places for the ‘gram… Then I realize, I myself, take lots of pictures when I travel, in fact, in this recent trip to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort Batangas, I took 4 gigabytes of photos and videos, BUT that didn’t sully the fun in my experience nevertheless!

I am sure a lot of people value quality time more than a few seconds of “photo opps”. But for some, these two are not separate entities like my family who’s made it a tradition to take pictures every time there is a gathering even before there were smartphones and mirrorless cameras – yes, we had the film cameras and we printed lots of photographs and framed them or stored in photo albums… I’m glad we took photos, especially from our childhood because no matter how vivid the moment seemed at that time, my childhood recollections fade… somehow if I look at our photo albums, memories come back! 

Nowadays, we just share the photos or videos on social media platforms (or in my case here on my blog). So, if you’re keen to see what the property has to offer, below are snaps from Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is essentially a blessing to the residents of Batangas City and the Batangeńos in general. This 2-hectare lush recreational venue provides the opportunity for families and communities to grow closer together through its facilities, food, and healing environment. [Read Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort Getaway Guide]

People from the neighbouring provinces are graced by its existence too. It is cheap and very accessible. Even people like us from Manila didn’t have difficulty reaching the place considering we left Alabang at past 9 in the morning. We arrived before 11AM. In my province, we have mountain resorts but quite a travel to get to. So I am really happy when I arrived at Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort, the first thing I did after checking in was to enjoy at the trampoline in front of our Casita:

After trampolining, I went around the area and found that Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is fun-filled and a pretty photogenic resort for people who love nature.

From garden pools with a breathtaking backdrop of the mountains to picture-perfect hanging bridges, here are 9 photos that showcase the beauty of Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort:


With a stunning and invigorating view of the mountains, it’s always recommended to keep your eyes on the skies when getting around Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort – but nowhere is this more relevant than the highest point, I think it is also called the Griffin point where the cabanas and the gazebo are located. Hidden away on top of the resort’s highest peak, we took 98 steps to get here. The perfect shot is at early morning or near sunset. When you’ve got this shot, you can swim or drink by the pool with a loved one – the pool and the garden is aptly is romantic.


You can’t come to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort and not try a Boodle Fight – it’s practically the law! LOL Silliness aside, this meal prepared for at least 10 people has gotta be one of the best big servings to try a selection of baby back ribs, fried milkfish, clams, and shrimp. I can’t help but salivate thinking about the time we were devouring those juicy meat. I liked the bihon too and the sides of corn, carrot, cucumber, and tomatoes. I really recommend you try this with your family or a group of friends. Or if you are a foreigner in Batangas, head to this resort for lunch and try this very filipino way of eating. You can dip into the springs pool afterwards. You can try local drinks too – you’ll easily find people who’ll cheers to you!


As well as your food, your senses will be pleased too by the lush environment surrounding you at this mountain resort. I think the name already gives that away. But yeah, this is the place for that much-needed breathing away from the pollution or the noises of the city. You can camp here or spend quiet time with nature or dance around like me. I recommend dancing barefoot though.


Looking like a place straight out of a Balinese resort makes this the most snapped spot by our group. Located at the highest point of the resort, this is where the cabanas are nestled where couples or honeymooners can enjoy a romantic moment. It took us 98 steps to get here, fed some koi fish, checked the rooms—decently spaced with airconditioning, queen-sized bed, private shower, and wood double door you can open for a breathtaking view of the mountains—took photos and swam in the garden pool. The view from here as you can see is invigorating, best for an early morning swim or a romantic sunset date by the pool.


If you fancy catching some fresh air and admiring a stand of trees, then take a few-minute walk to the camping area or to the resort park and photograph stands of mahogany or bamboo trees. You can’t miss this as the stand of trees are almost everywhere. Pro-tip: wear something that would stand out.


Have you ever been to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort’s Rock to beer fest? If you haven’t, you should go next year. That will be the fourth year and you bet it would be even more fun! As well as this famous event in the area which gets all locals all excited are the bands who participate – all are incredibly talented and entertaining. I really recommend you see it for yourself: the contestants this year, and the winners: The Blanc from Lipa Batangas, Manok ni San Pedro, and Maria. It’s the first music fest I’ve been to for a long long time and it reminded me so much of the good times when I was still playing with a band. If you like music, if you like having a great time with a beer or other alcoholic beverage, then, this event is for you! Oh, and keep an eye out for all the food too!


Head to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort to make your Corporate Outing a Team Building to Remember. That’s right – Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is famous for their awesome activities as well as own professional team building facilitators that will really build stronger bonds together with your team. [Read Bloggers Team Building Experience at Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort]


Big fan of camping? Then you’re gonna want to check out these Casitas and see an interesting space with a decent toilet and bathroom that’s just steps away from nature. It’s a lovely accommodation that is private, clean and super cheap too! When you stay here, you can spend more of your money on food and pasalubong!


There are two hanging bridges in Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort. The first one is the featured photo of this blog post and is called the monkey bridge. This is the second one which we took to get to the camping site. It is covered with very tall trees you might not notice what’s below. But if you care to look closely, you’ll see a lovely spring (frightening to some due to the height). But worry not, this bridge is very safe and sturdy that you can run and do jump shots! This charming bridge and the other monkey bridge have become an icon for this resort.

Parting Words

There you have it! Hope from these pictures you’ve got an idea of what Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort has to offer. But I am telling you, there’s more! If you’re planning your trip to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort soon, then be sure to check out this travel guide.

What do you think about these photos? Do you wanna visit Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort? Let me know in the comments section below!