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I have always fantasized about participating in activities like diving, beach strolling, canyoneering, and much more. So this time, while planning out the destination for our upcoming vacation, I hooked upon Moalboal and guess what – it was exactly like my dream destination. The quaint beach destination teems with serene beaches, corals, sparkling waters and white sands. 

We planned our Cebu to Moalboal trip for a week, and it only took us a three-hour bus ride. We have planned a five-day tour to Moalboal, and it was as fun as it could ever get! Know what we did in Moalboal during our Moalboal trip below:

1.Snorkelling at the Pescador Island

Pescador Island boasts the most scenic beach that you can ever find in the world. The crystal blue waters in-depth promotes snorkelling at its best. We had to wake very early in the morning and leave for the tour, but unfortunately, we couldn’t see any dolphin. So, next, we went for snorkelling and that too, three times back to back. On the first go, we saw some corals and explored marine life, the second time; we got to swim with the sardines, and lastly, we witnessed some giant turtles.

2.Visit the local markets 

Moalboal has got several local markets that sell a wide range of textiles, jewellery, clothing, and so much more. If you love shopping, then you would never want to miss out on hopping the markets. Especially at night, the beauty of these lit market doubles up.

3.Canyoneering at the Kawasan Falls

One of the most notable waterfalls of all time is the Kawasan Falls in Moalboal. It is an excellent place for the adventure lovers out there as they can go out for canyoneering by hiring a boat, with your partner.

4.Enjoy the nightlife of Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach has some great shacks and beachside bars, so make sure you do not miss out on the famous nightlife. During the night, the place comes to life with lit bars and pubs where you can avail of chilled drinks and dance your heart out. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the best time, like a local.

5.Swim around in the Lambug Beach 

Lambug Beach offers some great diving opportunities, and we spent our time swimming around. The beach has some great trainers as well, and one of my friends took training from him before landing in the sea. The water is very clear, and you can even get to watch some beautiful corals too. However, some guides are there who gives you the perfect idea of where to swim and where not to.

6.Scuba diving at the Bait Ball

The Bait Ball has got some deep seas which offer you great scuba diving opportunities. The beach features a camp from where we rented our costumes, masks, and trainers who took us under the sea. Once we were there, nothing was more beautiful than that, and we even clicked some under-water pictures too.

7.Rent a motorbike to roam around

We wanted to enjoy the city like a local and see every nook and corner of it on our own. So, we rented a couple of motorbikes and went around the town. Google maps came to the rescue as we didn’t have to ask anybody for the ways. The best part of the tour was, we managed to discover some authentic food cafes and restaurants which served some lip-smacking foods.

Parting Words

We had fun in Moalboal is an understatement. I wish we stayed longer! If you wanna visit Moalboal and if you liked this guide, then give it a thumbs up and don’t waste your time and start planning it soon!

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