Appreciating the modest beauty of Sabang Beach in Capalonga, Camarines Norte


Every place you will ever visit can be captivating, it broadly depends on your outlook. You can either free the inner kid in you, be cheery and playful OR kick up a fuss. In Sabang Beach Capalonga, Camarines Norte, it requires no effort to enjoy. The unpretentious, unpressured natural hangout is very much conducive to recreation.

A big shoutout to Camarines Norte Provincial Tourism for partnering with and involving bloggers like me to #CometoCamNorte and explore the beauty of the province. This almost year-end getaway covered the municipalities of Daet, Vinzons, and Capalonga. In this post, let me talk a bit about Capalonga and more about Sabang Beach.

The travel time from Daet to Capalonga was long enough to finish a playlist, take some photographs, and make up for lost sleep. That is to say, it was not boring nor unproductive. Two hours in the van with fellow bloggers and Camarines Norte Tourism staff flew by quick, thanks to the lush coconut plantations and some interesting scenes from the road.

The sign says “Maligayang Pagdating sa Capalonga!”

When we arrived in Capalonga, we stopped by the municipality’s welcome sign. It reads “Maligayang Pagdating sa Capalonga!” which translates to “Welcome to Capalonga!”. To our right is the vast waters of Talagpucao Bay. We couldn’t help but take individual photos looking to this beautiful body of water. Bay areas like Talagpucao Bay are shelter to local fishermen during harsh weather conditions and therefore play a great economic and strategic importance for the areas they belong to.

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Capalonga is a third class municipality in the province of Camarines Norte. It’s famous for the Feast of the Black Nazarene and Palong Festival held annually every second week of May. The town residents here are apparent devotees, they generously support the construction of the new Parochial church that will have a “Kamay ni Hesus” statue. It is being constructed on top of the hill and is set to finish hopefully three years later.

Aside from historical churches, Capalonga is also known for its natural wonders such as waterfalls and beach areas. This time, we got to visit Sabang Beach.

The bridge to Sabang Beach

To get to the beach front, you need to cross this rustic, narrow bridge. 

During our visit, many children play around this area. I find it nostalgic watching them jump into the water. I used to do the same in a river nearby our house. I like such activity. To me, jumping from a high place into the water is totally rejuvenating.

Photo taken by Lagaw Travelogue

The real fortunate kids

The children (and the residents) living near Sabang Beach are real fortunate. The beach is just a stone’s throw away from their houses. They can swim anytime, play in the sand anytime, and admire the sun’s dramatic dip over the horizon every time…

Most children these days get hooked to staying indoors playing with their gadgets. I think kids who do this are missing out. Good thing the children we saw in Sabang Beach are enjoying their leisure time out with friends connected to nature while staying fit and active.

Again, they remind me of a time I enjoyed playing with the kids in our neighborhood—running freely outdoors, catching tadpoles, climbing trees, swimming in the river, getting dirty in the mud, and climbing some more trees…

Photo by Lagaw Travelogue

Sabang Beach for tourists

Sabang Beach is largely undeveloped and pristine.

You can come here for camping or picnic but should not expect any available public facilities. However, you can have some arrangements with any resident to use their rest rooms to freshen up.

It is also worth noting that there are no restaurants in the area so again it is advisable for you to bring your own food or dine at a recommended local diner in this town to enjoy Capalonga’s delicacy!

Regardless very few shortcomings, Sabang Beach is still worth the considerable time. The sand here is impressive. The energy of the locals, the waters, and the view overall is even more so.

Photo from Lariza Garcia of Moments Around the Corner

Click here to know how to get to Capalonga, Camarines Norte from Metro Manila

Parting Words

Even for a professional traveler, a destination is not always about instagrammable sights or the convenience brought by luxury. More often, it’s about the sense of joy that comes when you free your inner child and let a good time wash over you. You can be anywhere, with anyone, and still make your trip worthwhile. Travel is, after all, about creating memories and appreciating even the smallest, seemingly insignificant detail… And in the case of Sabang Beach, the narrow bridge, the soft sand, the happy kids, and the coconut trees – that all remind of slow life but stress-free and lighthearted! 

Thank you for reading! Have you been to Camarines Norte? Do you know Sabang Beach in Capalonga? Do you wanna go there? What is your favorite beach? Let me know your thoughts below and if you find this inspiring, do share!

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