[PRESS LAUNCH] Hortikultura Filipina 2018: Philippine endemic, indigenous & hybrid plants to the world


The Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. (PHSI), together with its partners and sponsors, will celebrate the annual, largest, most prestigious, and most updated horticultural festival of the Philippines on 2-11 February 2018 at Quezon Memorial Circle Tropical Garden.

The horticultural event will showcase the country’s endemic, indigenous and hybrid plants aiming to promote Quezon Memorial Circle as the place for gardening and horticultural practices not just in Metro Manila but in the whole country as well.

Another mission of the said event is for the Philippines to be recognized as one of the most diverse horticultural centers in Asia.

The Press launch

On Nov. 17, bloggers and press people came together to attend Hortikultura Filipina 2018 Press Launch. What an event the PHSI community has put together alongside its partners, we had an incredible opportunity to learn about horticulture – the science and art of growing plants.

We also had the chance to be mesmerized by the colorful ornamental arrangements as well as to taste some common Filipino dishes served with creativity twist.

Among the highlights of the press launch is the discussion of the laid plans for Hortikultura Filipina 2018. At the end of the program, attendees were given their plant starter kit as token of appreciation for gracing the successful event.

Photo from Camille Bernabe

“Horticulture is both an industry and leisure,” said Mr. Zac Sarian, Agriculture editor and columnist for the Manila Bulletin.

Mr. Sarian delivered an interesting talk about the business potential of decorative plants and gardening plus some tips on how to start your own gardening business. 

Some PHSI members giving a talk: Zac Sariam, Boyet, Audrey

Following Mr. Zac Sarian was Mr. Boyet Ganigan who talked about the trends of gardening.

Finally, Ms. Audrey Cabato discussed what people can expect on the horticultural event in 2018. Ms. Cabato touched on the following activities and show features:

  • Terrarium, Aquascape, Vivarium Exhibit
  • Bonsai Exhibit
  • Corporate and Group landscape
  • Ornamental potted plants compettion
  • Arts battle
  • Trade fair
  • Daily lectures/ workshops
  • Photo Exhibit of Philippines Orchid Species
  • Acoustic Nights
  • Installation Art
  • Orchid Aseptic Culture Exhibit
  • Street Dancing
  • Garden tour
  • Daily Raffle

According to PHSI, all the stated activities gear towards the promotion of horticulture as arts and lifestyle.

Food for the attendees

The food prepared by Ms.Baby de Leon are very interesting: Banana blossom tempura, Pansit Puti, meatballs, and turon. These Filipino dishes were served with hibiscus iced tea and kamote iced tea. Our guilt-free dessert is the healthy and delectable Ashitaba ice cream.

About the Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. (PHSI)

The Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. (PHSI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization of plant lovers interested in spreading their passion and enthusiasm for plants. PHSI endeavors to be the lead organization in horticulture be it for food, medicine or aesthetic gratification in the Philippines. For over 40 years, PHSI has managed to bring organizations and people together to educate and collaborate on horticultural practices and techniques including traditional farming.

To those who are interested to be a member of the PHSI, you can message them your intent through their Facebook page: Philippine Horticultural Society, Inc. (PHSI). There is a membership fee that comes with lifetime benefits and privileges.

Parting words

There is indeed much to look forward to at the Hortikultura Filipina 2018 – the trends in horticulture, its industrial applications as well as its business potential and getting acquainted to and being enchanted by the Philippine endemic, indigenous, and hybrid plants – these and more in this ten-day event!

If Hortikultura Filipina 2018 calls to you, mark your calendar and save the date! We’ll be seeing you in February!

If you want to join the exhibit or competition, don’t hesitate to reach out to PHSI. For further information on the event, please check out their facebook page. You may also contact PHSI at pshi08@yahoo.com or call 02 577 5234/ 0917 712 6392.

Thank you so much! If you find this post helpful or interesting, don’t forget to share!

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