TheOneSpy guarantees you for the protection of your business and as well as your children and teens from all digital vulnerabilities. You can use it on your company’s owned cell phones, gadgets and computer machines running with android, windows and MAC operating systems respectively. 

Moreover, the user can monitor each and every single activity of employees at workplace and kids and teens activities whenever you want to within no time.

It empowers you to perform monitoring on the company’s owned phone and PCs secretly without letting the targeted employees that you are keeping a hidden eye on them. It allows you to measure the productivity of your employees and set parental control on your children online activities.

You can use a mobile phone and PC tracking software powerful features with complete efficiency, accuracy, and get access to the information in real time. There are a number of monitoring apps that are available on the web claims to the best tracking software for mobile phones and computer devices.

Why TheOneSpy is so popular among users?

The reason behind its popularity is its powerful hundreds of features and its user –friendly and exciting interface. The best part of the cellphone and computer spying app is its real –time tracking features both for tracking employees and to set parental control on kids and teens activities on cellphones and on laptop and desktop computer devices.

You can track text messages, phone calls, emails, text conversations, multimedia, and Voice messages logs of social media apps and even you can remotely control cell phone with Android spy app. Furthermore, you can track widows and MAC laptop and desktop computers in terms of block websites, listen to the surround sounds, keystrokes applied and remotely capture screenshots and also you can get user –friendly reports.

How phone and PC spy app works? Installation process

First and foremost you need to visit the official website of TheOneSpy and then you need to subscribe for the cell phone or computer tracking app. Then you will be able to get passcode and ID of your chosen spy product of TheOneSpy.

Moreover, you need to get physical access to the target cell phone or computer device. Once you have the access to the target device you need to get started with the installation process. After you have ended up with the installation process then activate it on the target device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and visit the multiple features of multiple cellphone and computer monitoring products of TheOneSpy. Let’s discuss all the spy apps and their features one by one.

Android monitoring software Features 

Surround Monitoring 

You can record and listen to the surrounds with the use of three bugging features such as for audio and video bugging and capturing photos.

Call recording 

End user can record live incoming and outgoing calls on the target android device with use of cellphone spy app for android. However, after you have record and listen to the live calls you can save the recording over the internet.

Live Screen recording 

You can perform live screen recording by making short videos of the screen. It means you can do screen recording of all the social media activities, chrome activities, emails, SMS, Password used and plenty pf other activities in real –time.

GPS Location tracking 

You can track GPS location, location history and can mark safe and dangerous areas for the target device holder.

Remote Android Controller 

You can remotely view installed android apps, block messages, incoming calls and last but not the least internet.

IM’s Social Media 

You can get the logs of all the trendy social media apps such as text messages, text conversations, shared media and Voice messages and audio and video conversations.

Windows spy app Features 

Block websites 

You can out the ULRs of all the inappropriate websites visited on windows and place it into the filters to block the websites

User –friendly reports 

You can get user –friendly reports of windows laptop and desktops in terms of activity logs, alarms logs, emails, visited apps and websites.

Real-time and invisible Mods tracking 

You can track all the activities happen on the windows computers secretly in real –time and secretly.

MAC Monitoring app Features 

Website blocking 

Block all the time wasting and bad websites in term of adult content. Just put the URLs into the control panel filters.

Screen recording 

Monitor all the activities happen on the MAC laptop and desktop computer device screen activities in real time.

Keystrokes logging, camera Bug & MIC bug 

You can get all types of keystrokes applied on MAC device in terms of passwords keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, messages, and email keystrokes. Moreover, you can remotely get control over the camera to view device user and get control over MIC to listen to the surround sounds and conversations.

Parting Words

TheOneSpy cellphone and computer monitoring spyware is an ultimate tool for digital parenting, employee monitoring and as well as to track adult affairs.

What do you think of this review? Have you used this app before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!