Three months with Novuhair: My #NovuhairJourney


Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion: This is major league !

I have been using Novuhair shampoo & conditioner and Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion in the past three months. My main problem was that my hair is thick but too weak, probably due to chemical treatments (last November I had my annual rebonding again), thus, I have excessive hair fall (like most women do) and problems with dandruff. Here is a summary of my experience plus the pros and cons of using Novuhair and my final thoughts!

So, in the first two months, I had a great experience with Novuhair products. I had a significant reduction in terms of hair fall. In addition, I also felt my scalp was healthier. It didn’t itch as much as it did before and my dandruff disappeared.

The third month is pretty much the same. In addition, I also noticed my baby bangs got thicker. I have a wide forehead and if I pull all my hair back, you might think I have receding hair line. Good thing I have baby bangs, but these were thin before. I realized over the past month, the parts grew thicker.

At the Container Turf in BF Homes Paranaque… I feel so happy with my hair

Do you need to use Novuhair?

I think this is an important question you need to address first before purchasing the product. If you check the FAQ section of Novuhair website, you can find some answers as to whether you need to use Novuhair and at the same time which product is right for you.

Also, Novuhair conducts scalp tests around the Metro. You can attend in any of those and have your scalp examined. Since Novuhair promotes hair and scalp health awareness, they conduct these FREE clinic activities every month on selected drugstores. 

In these free clinics, you can ask questions about your hair and scalp, also if you are already using the product, you can monitor the progress of your Novuhair treatment. Novuhair’s trained promodizers will assist you in getting a closer look at the present condition of your hair using their hair and scalp analyzer. They will also show your scalp’s captured digital images as well as the corresponding analysis. Your data will also be recorded into their database for your future reference and monthly monitoring while using Novuhair.

Check out their website for the venue and schedule.  

The pros of using Novuhair products

There are many reasons why Novuhair has etched its leading position in the local hair care market. The benefits of using Novuhair include:

  • This product is developed and marketed by Nutramedica Inc., a purely Filipino-owned company, and has been available in the domestic retail market for almost a decade now
  • The leading hairloss remedy in the local market
  • Has FDA approved ingredients that are natural and potent

The cons of using Novuhair products

It’s important to consider both the pros and the cons before purchasing any product. Some of the potential challenges you may face if you use Novuhair include: 

  • It is relatively pricier than rival products
  • The topical scalp lotion may have strong smell for some people
  • There are fake products

Where to buy Novuhair Products

Because of Novuhair’s high demand in the market, I heard that there are fake products. So, not only the mac cosmetics (and others) are being fakely duplicated, also this hair product. It is best to buy in the trusted merchants. You can alsways buy it in Watsons and Mercury Drug.

If you are buying it online, make sure you land at this particular product in this website: LAZADA

Parting Words

Upon weighing the pros and cons, I can confidently say Novuhair is an awesome hair product. The pros outweigh the cons! Novuhair is all natural and organic, indeed nature’s answer to hair loss. It may be a little pricier than others, but it does deliver its promised results! The cost reflects the efficacy of this product! If you have similar problems, I recommend you try this product for yourself!

Do you have any problems with your hair or your scalp? Do you want to try Novuhair? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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