New Arm Candy from Frills & I’s (and a quick update)


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Hello lovely readers! Thanks for stopping by! I apologize (Ms. Ann Hernia I haven’t had the time to visit your salon…) I kind of fell off the face of the blog world since I focused on designing
my new blog template. If you notice, I updated my blog design (yet again and my
boyfriend told me not to change it for the next 6 months… I will try my best!)
By the way, do you like my new palette? How about my header image? Thanks to
Design Seeds for some color scheme suggestions. If you want to use a photo as
your palette, you can use some palette-generators online such as De Graeve.

I really missed creating a new entry. I can’t believe
it’s been over a month since I last posted a review. And I haven’t had much
time to leave comments on your own blog posts. Rest assured, you know I’m
visiting your sites always!  

Today I received another arm candy from Frills and I’s.
I must say, their collections become better and better each month. Below
is a photo of my new arm candy. Stainless, water-resist Casio with infinity
chain, gray and crystal bracelets. If you check their Facebook page, you’ll see
their wide collections: Fashionable Watches and Jewelry at affordable price! You’ll
probably agree with me, what’s not to love?

Anyway, how have you all been? Anything new?  Hope to hear from you guys. I’ll be spending
my holidays over the weekend at the enchanting island of Boracay and then I’m
gonna go to Singapore. I promise I’ll make extensive posts about my travels
this month! For now I need to say ciao!

Isn’t she lovely? 🙂
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