Greetings from the beautiful Lion City!  

Hello Merlion! At last we met!

Thank God my plane safely landed here in the wee hours of Saturday morning after being airborne for about 3 hours and 40 minutes. Current local time is not different from Manila so I needed not to adjust my watch… I missed a good night’s sleep for I travelled the evening before from Manila to Clark. I left Cubao at 10 pm and reached Dau Bus terminal station after an hour and 50-minute ride. After that, I headed straight to the airport lounge and stayed there for 4 hours, waiting for the shuttle to DMIA…then I checked in at 4 AM. I was relieved I didn’t have a problem with the BI officers. I triumphantly boarded the plane and now here in Singapore!

I had slept a bit during the flight probably for 2 hours before the sun rays hit me from the window. I opened my eyes and saw the vastness of pseudo fluffy clouds. I thought they are ever pretty up there. That moment reminded me of Super Mario Bros. I used to play in the family computer. You know when a character auspiciously grows a beanstalk and spends the rest of the game leaping through the clouds—splendidly magical!

cotton candies!!!

When I walked inside the Changi International Airport my jaw literally dropped for a moment. So they say it’s one of the most sophisticated airports in the world and by then I understood why. Darn the carpeted floor, the number of free computers situated almost everywhere, the massage chairs, x-box with a 54-inch screen, meditation rooms, well-maintained comfort rooms, lounge chairs where one can lay flat!!!

this carpet is very welcoming…

In Philippine airports, one ought to pay travel tax which costs Php1620 if I’m not mistaken and terminal fee of Php450-650. FRUSTRATINGLY and IRONICALLY, they remain off the scale compared with International airports like Changi, that lets passengers use such facilities for FREE!!! It’s really a puzzle to me, WHERE DO OUR TAXES GO? Really?

The first thing I did after I claimed my luggage was eat at McDonalds in Terminal 2. Though I ate breakfast on the plane, my friend Shiela insisted on eating there. Apparently, his son was craving for pancakes that time. After that, we headed to their house. Ah! The premier taxi was Mercedes! A black one! The Indian driver was very entertaining. The whole 33 dollar trip went off as quick and relaxing as Ed Sheeran’s Small Bump melody.   

So here’s my home for the next 7 days 🙂 Woodlands! 🙂

The photo above was taken after I had lunch at a noodle shop, in Bugis,
which to me seemed like Divisoria only much safer and high-class…

It was a relief to leave the 33+ temperature of the Philippines, as well as the dust and squalor of Manila. It feels much cooler here in Singapore… perhaps the trees? I appreciate the trees a lot for your information… and I look forward to seeing the dinosaur(?) trees tomorrow!

Trees at the Esplanade 🙂

Singapore is very advanced. Economic prosperity is evident. One can see projects of high risers and lands being developed all over the city. Crime rate is extremely low… Apparently, some ASEAN countries like the Philippines lagged behind it. I can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy. If only Filipino taxes are decently spent and government funds be properly allocated to genuine, cost-effective, sensible projects, we can at least have a convenient MRT system around the metro. Singapore’s MRT, like in Hongkong, is utterly amazing!

I’ve heard that Singaporeans are disciplined. I’ve mentioned earlier about my friend Shiela. She lives in Singapore with her family. She’s married to Khairul, a Singaporean, who’s also my friend. So, Khairul told me they’re raised to do the right thing… to not litter, to keep left, to save energy, to follow rules… And yes, now I’ve witnessed it! They are well-ordered in keeping time, following directions/ traffic rules, maintaining cleanliness—no wonder they’re a wealthy nation.

My first day here is like being in a tropical paradise! And I can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂