Dear The Girl with the Muji Hat,

A lot has changed since you’re created. Your template has been customized at least 161 times. You’ve collaborated with more than 100 brands. You now have sort of a baby, a separate fitness niche. And today, you are 7!

I saw it happen slowly over the past years. Conceptualizing contents and conceiving words didn’t come easy. Learning to handle criticisms with grace and without feeling so discouraged didn’t come with ease either. Rejections and shams felt so bad at first. But these experiences, together with all the challenges you’ve encountered along the way, just forced you to grow.

Fast forward, you were favoured to join both international and local campaigns; you surpassed your 4 million views; you’ve helped clients get promoted; you’ve helped yourself grow your online reach

So today, I’m half sobbing (possibly because I am hormonal but also) because I know you have come a long way FROM that cheesy emo online journal channelling all my angst as a stubborn, broken-hearted single parent, TO a professional blog communicating ideas and (on a fine day) providing the best solution to others.

Last week, when I did your SEO audit for smart article contents, I was happy you have increased the number of your organic keywords. It’s like increasing organic social media followers, little by little but evidently sure to deliver traffic amidst the selective algorithm. Never thought you’d have stable viewers daily, but you do, and promising for stable revenue too. I’m excited for what’s ahead!

About a few months ago, you dropped your Domain Authority from 33 to 17. I couldn’t believe it. It really broke me and for a moment I thought it was the end. But you made me realize you are so much more than what “numbers” allow you to be on the outside.

I was reminded that you not only provide me with a creative outlet but also allowed me to discover and utilize my potential all the more during a tough period in my life. So we bounced back. Now more than ever, you proved as I write and share my thoughts to others, I am also able to reach out to myself, therefore, giving me that alignment I need. Thank you so much.

You are what you are now because the Lord has blessed you with incredible people who support you all the way. They are awesome. They include the 10% raving fans motivating and pushing you to strive for more. So, strive for more and give back. Be better! Add value to this lifetime!

Happy 7th!