They said it was the end of the world yesterday, the 21st of this month and while others doomed their own Facebook walls with posts and worries about the Armageddon, there I was, clothed in my autumn inspired Maid of Honor gown, smudging my eye make-up in tears, exhilarated like the rest of the crowd as I watched my best friend walk down the aisle.

When the Church doors opened, for a while I thought I saw an angel.

I wasn’t sure if it was the light against my best friend’s figure that gave me that impression or the angelic voice of the wedding singer that lulled my tired senses but when I discreetly watched my best friend marched closer in grace, I was convinced it wasn’t the light nor the music… it wasn’t even the impeccable Veluz bridal gown she was wearing, it was that glow that is distinct in each bride that, I strongly believe, mesmerized everyone inside that consecrated place.

She was a perfect bride and fortunate was I to be one of those who know her really well—those who had the pleasure of not only attending and being a part of that very special moment, but also contributing to the turning page of her life, her dream wedding.

Ehm has been my best friend since we were in Elementary.

For 18 years, we’ve spent many hours together as teenagers and young adults studying our academics, watching movies together, cleaning our nails together, talking over the phone, sleeping over, travelling, performing in school plays, joining some dance contests, singing in karaoke, partying, cramming, backing each other up, sharing some burdens, crying in childish frustrations, mourning over a lost loved one, moving forward, laughing, and eating QUITE a lot!

When Ehm asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I felt really honored, pressured, and nervous all at the same time. I knew she had lovely sisters and cousins plus our two other best friends to do the kind role but she chose me instead. I thought, was it because I am the “Inday” and she is the “Donya” of MAJE with Benefits?! XD


(left to right: Apleng, Ehm, Janey, Kangkong)

Photograph by Jason Supena 

The wedding took place at Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish in Makati City.

When choosing the wedding venue, Ehm favored a few places in and around Makati and Quezon City, including Christ the King where which our best friends Janet and Marc will be exchanging their vows next week. Upon visiting Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish or NSDG, the church captivated Ehm and Edray’s heart with its baroque architectural design along with its opulent history. The atmosphere inside the sanctuary also set the feel of the wedding and indeed it was the perfect place for them to say “I do”.

It was mid-late afternoon; I and my friends arrived in the venue half an hour early. We found Edray (the groom) fretting in the daylight. Seriously he needed to calm down at least to control his sweat! But we understood so we stole his concerns for some fun picture taking.

Left to right: Marc, Janette, Katrina, Erica, Michael, Edray

Photograph by JLo

At 4:30 PM, the mass started. It was Fr. Bhong, Ehm’s brother, who officiated the wedding ceremony. It was my first time to attend a Catholic Wedding so I needed extra hand from the coordinator to prompt me when I needed to approach the couple to assist in the communion and do other tasks such as fixing the bridal long veil, assisting the principal sponsors in contract signing, handing the bridal bouquet to the bride, etc.  Thankfully, I managed to smoothly fulfill my tasks.      

The ceremony concluded with successive photo shoots from professional photographers of Nicolas Videography and Photography and Warren Garcia Photography

Ehm & Edray at the reception
The Entourage

I want to commend Ms. Kutchie Zaldarriaga and the rest of her coordinating staff for pulling off a very systematized and organized program from beginning to end.

Well, hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll create a separate entry about the reception later. You can also watch the ONSITE VIDEO here.

Ciao for now!