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In Niigata (JP), a factory owner who lost his right arm
since 5 years of age helps other people with disabilities by employing them.
Over 10 workers with physical and cognitive impairments earn money by assembling
parts of an automated teller machine.

One worker was interviewed and said that what he likes
most about his job is the concern and appreciation he gets from his colleagues
especially from his supervisor. Although people from the outside world might
treat him differently, in his workplace he feels as normal and as effective as
everybody else.

The CEO said that although there are limitations to what
a disabled person can do, it is important to focus on what they can do and to
quote β€œto find their strong points and nurture them”. Just like what he
experienced in his high school back then. He was allowed to participate in the
baseball team as a pitcher and was not given any special treatment. His teammates
were very supportive of him. Because of their support, he thought he needed to
work harder and someday help other people like him.

In his current company, he ensures that all the employees
are motivated to accomplish their day to day task. Since it’s not always easy
to communicate with the employees, especially people with disabilities, he requested
them to keep a journal where they can freely write down their thoughts and feelings
after a whole day of work. Fortunately, they are willing to cooperate, thus making
it easier for the supervisors to attend to their concerns.

I was not able to get the name of the CEO and his
company, even so, I admire him and I am thankful there are people like him. I hope
to hear more stories like this and inspire others to start envisioning how
they, having disabilities or not, can contribute to the community and make it do