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Built in 1565, Fort San Pedro in Cebu City is the smallest and oldest military defense structure in the Philippines. It served different purposes for the island at various points in history. Spaniards and indigenous Cebuano laborers built the place as a sleeping quarter for Spanish authorities and a house for Spanish firearms and gunpowder supply. From 1896 to 1898, it became a prison for Filipino rebels during the Philippine revolution. From 1937 to 1941, it was turned into classrooms where Cebuano locals received formal education. During the World War II, it was used as prison camp and fortification for Japanese soldiers and an army camp from 1946 until 1950.

To this day Fort San Pedro serves as a public museum-park where tourists and visitors in Cebu City can see some of the well-preserved legacies of the Spanish Government.   

Please include this place in your itinerary the next time you visit Cebu! πŸ™‚