5 Common Kitchen Sink Issues Solved


Kitchen sink issues can be a real nuisance. Without a working kitchen sink, you may not be able to wash up dishes, fill pots with water or rinse vegetables. Fortunately, many kitchen sink issues aren’t too tricky to repair. Below are 5 common kitchen sink problems solved.

Leaky tap

The drip of a leaky tap can be very irritating and it can lead to a high water bill. If a tap starts to leak, it’s usually because the washer or cartridge in the tap has become worn. You may be able to fix this yourself, or you could hire a plumber. If the tap is old and corroded, you may want to consider taking the opportunity to replace your kitchen tap.

Low water pressure

If you’ve noticed that not enough water is coming out of your kitchen tap, it could be worth hiring a plumber to take a look. Low water pressure can have a few different causes, but it is often either a problem with the tap or due to a leak within the pipe. Faulty pressure valves can also be a common culprit. A plumber will be able to diagnose exactly what is going on.

Skilled Plumbers can help you with your clogged sink

Discoloured water

Is the water from your kitchen tap coming out an odd colour? Discoloured water could be due to iron sediments or dirt getting into your water supply. This can occur when there are some mains water repairs. Try running your taps for 30 minutes to get rid of the sediment. If it persists for over a day or neighbours don’t report having the same problem, you may want to call a plumber as it could be due to an internal plumbing issue. 

Never have a blocked sink drain again

Blocked drain

If water is not draining properly down your kitchen sink, there are a few different solutions that you can look into. Firstly, you should try unblocking the sink without disconnecting the u-bend. Simply using a plunger, boiling water or a drain snake may do the trick – you can check out this guide to recommended technologies to clear blocked drains. If there’s still a blockage, you may want to look into disconnecting the u-bend. This is a messy job, but a fairly simple DIY job on most sinks. Some blockages will still require intervention from a professional plumber – especially if the blockage is deeper within the pipe. 

Smelly drain

A smelly kitchen sink drain could be due to a blockage. Alternatively, there could be sewer gas coming up through your sink if the p-trap is dry. The latter problem is more common with kitchen sinks that have not been used for a while (if you’ve been away from a long time, you may notice this smell when you get back). The p-trap typically contains water which helps to stop sewer gases creeping up, however this water can evaporate if a sink isn’t used for a while. Consider running the tap for a while to help fill the p-trap with water. If this still doesn’t get rid of the smell, call a plumber.

Many plumbing problems arise as a result of buildup in the pipes, worn fixture malfunctions, or weaknesses in the original plumbing system. It is always a good idea to contact a skilled plumber. You have more important things to do than be frustrated by kitchen plumbing issues, so use these effective solutions!

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