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Here’s an invigorating view from our balcony:

Notice the orange tree at the center? Isn’t it lovely? Seeing it against the green shades surrounding it simply makes me happy. I didn’t wanna miss it so I went out for a closer look…

I was correct, it’s Talisay Tree. These days it’s changing its leaves color from green to orange to red to brown… 

25 degrees, cool wind breeze, orange leaves… it feels like autumn here!

Talisay tree is locally known to some countries as “Tropical Almond” or “Indian Almond” (Indian again???). Have you tried its fruit? Its fruit (seed) is edible and has an almond taste. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it but I think you can search Google about its appearance… About the taste, I think it resembles Pili Nut having that roasted pumpkin seed flavor. When I first tried to get Talisay’s kernel, I accidentally hammered my index finger LOL It’s a bit tedious. You have to break the hard shell to get the kernel inside. Next time I’ll try to share some photos πŸ™‚ For now I need to prepare for my work. Ciao!

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